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SHAD SH36 for the BMW S1000XR

SHAD 3P Mounting System and the SH36 Side Cases on the BMW S1000XR

Review Summary

The webBikeWorld SHAD SH36 review was published in 2014.

The SH36 side cases were new at that time and were fitted to the Suzuki V-Strom 1000 ABS (Blog), the webBikeWorld Project Bike that year.

Since then, SHAD has introduced the SH36 mounting kit for the BMW S1000XR (Blog).

The SH36 side cases are now available for over 30 different motorcycles.

Claimed to be the lightest bags in their class, SHAD also said they have tested the SH36 under extreme loads for 100,000 km.

The SHAD 3P (“3 Point”) mounting system is also now available; it features a simple “factory look” fit designed to “shift the luggage’s weight as much as possible towards the bike’s center of gravity” for optimal handling and safety.

Also, since our 2014 review, the combination of the SHAD SH36 and the 3P mounting system won a Red Dot Design Award in 2015.

This follow-up review will focus on fitting the SHAD SH36 and the 3P mounting system to the BMW S1000XR.

SHAD SH36 for BMW S1000XR Rear View


The SHAD SH36 side cases are a “just right” size for touring and they’re now available for more than 31 different motorcycle models.

The SHAD 3P mounting kit described below and the SH36 side cases are an award-winning combination.

Both are so easy to install that the instruction sheets are just about superfluous.

Everything from the installation of the SHAD 3P mounting system to using the SH36 side cases on the BMW S1000XR has been an extremely positive experience.

The 3P system mounting brackets are simple and unobtrusive.

And the SH36 bags are claimed to be the lightest in their class at just 3.58 kg, with strength tested by SHAD with a 10 kg weight for 100,000 km on the “Shaker Test” shock testing apparatus.

The SH36 also uses a modular design, which allows any broken pieces to be simply replaced. This is totally logical in design and function.

And the 3P brackets can also serve as side supports for semi-rigid or soft-sided luggage.

My bottom line? Everything the Editor stated in the original review and more has been validated with my continuing use of the system.


After the SHAD SH36 side cases were introduced in 2014 and reviewed by webBikeWorld, we had to wait for a 3P mounting kit for the then-new BMW S1000XR.

Having a system now installed on the S1000XR motorcycle provides a unique opportunity to follow-up and build on the initial experience and assessment.

So the focus for this review is to detail the S1000XR installation with subsequent function and performance observations gathered through ongoing use of the 3P mounting kit and SH36 side cases.

Some of the information provided is also in direct response to questions posed by readers in the comments and feedback section of the original review.

When the SH36 bags are viewed for the first time, it becomes apparent that the marketing media and even our photos don’t quite do justice to the design.

In fact, it is no wonder that the SHAD system won a Red Dot product design award for 2015.

I originally considered the BMW factory accessory side bag kit (another Red Dot award winner) which I had installed on the S1000XR to be simple, but the SHAD 3P design blew that thought away.

SHAD SH36 3P Mounting Frame for BMW S1000XR
(L) BMW luggage mounting frame. (R) SHAD 3P mounting kit.

The 3P Mounting System for the BMW S1000XR

The SHAD 3P (3 Point) system means that SH36 bags fit onto the mounts at just three points (actually two really).

The 3P kit is designed to fit on the motorcycle with a “factory look”.

The SHAD cases and the 3P mounts are designed as a system to “shift the luggage’s weight as much as possible towards the bike’s center of gravity”, according to SHAD.

The mounting system has several benefits: it is designed to provide better stability when fully loaded; the cases are designed to be aerodynamic and the 3P mounting system allows a slight movement of the side cases when mounted.

SHAD says that the shape of the cases and the 3P mounting system provides better air flow, “avoiding the ‘anchor’ effect of a typical flat and rigid case.”

The system is so unique that SHAD has applied for a patent registration.

The left and right side, 90-degree (or so) 3P mounting brackets are made of mild steel tubing with small joining plates for strength.

And despite their hefty feel and appearance, the two brackets for the S1000XR weigh just over 1 kg more than the BMW side case frame they have replaced.

Forming a nearly 90-degree angle, each 3P bracket mounts to the left and right points on the S1000XR that are also used for the BMW side bag mounting frame.

The SHAD 3P kit includes all of the required hardware — although you’ll be on the hook for the tools and some thread locking compound.

SHAD 3P Mounting Frame Kit
SHAD 3P mounting kit for the BMW S1000XR.

Installing the 3P System

Installing the 3P system is very easy; in fact, one could only wish that all accessory kits were this easy to install. My total work time was less than 30 minutes, including photos and note taking for this review.

You’ll need a T40 Torx socket or long T-handle wrench, an M5 Allen wrench or tool installing the SHAD hardware and a torque wrench helps.

The first step in mounting the 3P kit on the S1000XR is removal of the hardware used to secure the (optional) side case frame used for the BMW hard bags. That’s an easy step.

Remove the M8 x 40 mm T40 screws from the forward left and right front frame mount points.

Next, remove the M8 x 70 mm T40 screws from the rear frame mount points that are shared mounts for the grab rail or luggage rack components.

The side case rear crossbar piece with its two M8 x 15mm screws can be left in place so that once the frame hardware is removed, the whole assembly can be pivoted down and back to remove it from the under fender area.

The next simple step is installing the left and right 3P brackets; another two- to three-minute activity.

First, add some blue thread locking compound to the rear mount 70 mm and front mount 25 mm screws.

The process is the same for both sides: slip a washer over the 70 mm screw, then pass the screw through the back mounting hole of the bracket, add the spacer between it and the frame point and just start the screws.

At the forward mounting points, the 25 mm screws get a plate washer and are then passed through the front mount of the bracket and another washer put in place and, the screws started into the angled front threaded frame inserts.

Tighten the screws on each side leaving a bit of wiggle room.

Once alignment has been verified, tighten each assembly, starting at the back mount using a 5 mm hex tool, with the hardware torqued to the listed BMW hardware spec of 19 Nm (14 ft. lbs.).

There is about 4 mm of clearance between the top of the bracket and the bottom edge of the grab rail or the luggage grid frame.

The brackets are drilled for 8 mm to 10 mm hardware, so there is some room to adjust things if needed.

SHAD 3P Mounting Rack on BMW S1000XR
SHAD 3P system installed on the BMW S1000XR.

SH36 Side Case Weight and Construction Notes

SHAD claims that the SH36 cases are the lightest in their market segment.

I have three other sets of competing (thermoplastic molded) side cases on hand for comparison and I weighed them all to confirm that this is a valid claim.

Each SHAD SH36 side bag weighs just 3.6 kg (7.9 lbs.), while the next closest competitor weighs just over 5 kg (11 lbs.) per bag!

The SH36 cases sport a strong structural frame that underwent severe and prolonged testing by SHAD (10 kg for 100,000 km in a shaking test rig).

And in a positive nod to modularity, all of the mounting and interior components are replaceable, just in case…

SHAD SH36 Mounting Animation

Fitting the SH36 Side Cases to the 3P System

This is easier and quicker to do in reality than it is to write and read!

Pull the locking carrying handle on the SH36 up to fully retract the pivoting clamp on the bottom mount.

With the bag angled forward, slip the front U-shaped cushioned mount over the front down tube on the 3P mount and set the case down onto the top tube engaging the two top mounting points.

Push the locking plate fully down, which pivots and engages the clamp around the horizontal tubing of the bracket, forming a very strong and very secure mounting.

Even when fully unlocked and with the locking handled partially or fully raised, the cases won’t just fall off — they remain snugly engaged by the top and front engagement points — this is a comforting feature.

With the locking handle pushed down to fully engage the lower clamp, the case is completely secured to the 3P bracket.

SHAD SH36 for BMW S1000XR Review

Locking the SH36 Cases

The SH36 carrying handle can be positioned up or down and the side-opening lid can be opened without the key.

To lock the case, turn the key 90 degrees. The handle, the lid release and the lock handle will all be secured, flush to the surface of the case.

For those familiar with various iterations of BMW side luggage and other brands, the approach and procedure will be very familiar, but few are as simple, strong and secure as the SH36 system.

SH36 Case Width on the S1000XR

Measured at the widest point overall, the width of the two SH36 side cases on the BMW S1000XR is 105 cm (41.3 inches), which is slightly more than the width of the S1000XR with the BMW side bags attached.

But the sleeker profile the SH36 side cases present a visually reduced profile.

SH36 Water Resistance

With a double profile side lid fitment and a shaped rubber edging, the SH36 cases haven proven to be waterproof so far.

I have tried pressure hose testing, prolonged submersions in a big tub and riding in the rain and nothing has dampened (literally) the main compartment of the SH36 cases.

Water flowing onto the bag and into the lid gaps during a rainstorm is inevitable to some degree, but this water is directed around the outer shape of the seal to the base of the case and then out drain gutter.

SH36 Capacity

Both SH36 cases are identical (other than the left and right side orientation) on the exterior and interior and both hold size 2XL flip-up helmets and many other full-face helmets with ease, including helmets with an intercom mounted.

The SH36 cases have a removable bottom tray or deck, which is a good platform for helmets or other items.

This deck, along with the included three-point elastic strap inside the SH36, minimizes the tendency of stashed luggage to topple out or shift when the side-mounted case lid is opened.

Finish and Colour

The SH36 cases are matte black with silver/aluminum frosted lenses and reflective markings.

Coloured panels are available; they are removable inserts that occupy the top outer edge so that owners can customize the look of the cases.

The top insert panels are available in Black Gloss, Carbon Look, Silver, Titanium and White (at the current time).

These panels are held on with four sheet metal self-tapping type screws, which are accessible with the case lid open. The panels are also secured with thin double-sided adhesive strips on the underside.

I have now changed several sets of SH36 insert panels and the process takes time but it can be done without damaging anything.

Note that on the SH36 and with other SHAD cases, the small thin alignment tabs along the edges of the inserts need to be handled with caution, so take note and take your time.

SHAD SH36 Inner Bags

Inner Soft Bags

The SHAD Inner Soft Bag (product code X0IB36) is an optional accessory worth considering.

The bags are sold as a set and they are well made and lightly padded for shape and protection of anything you pack inside.

These textile bags feature a small carry handle on the top, a long side-top-side access zipper, small flat zippered pockets on each side and D-rings for the included shoulder strap.

LED Lights?

Many webBikeWorld readers have asked about LED light options for the SHAD luggage.

In fact, owners will be able to add LED lighting kits that fit under the lenses on the SH36 side cases; the lenses are accessible once the top insert panels are removed.

BMW S1000XR With All Luggage Mounted


Every SHAD system component is simple and the sum of the parts makes for an excellent luggage system that is easy to install and use.

The very positive and very strong almost 360-degree engagement clamp arrangement where the side case attaches to the 3P mount is also an excellent solution.

It addresses the fit and retention issues that some luggage manufacturers have yet to figure out.

It is truly hard to find many, or any faults with the SHAD 3P system, although the nit-pickers (including me) might like to see the bags moved in 20 cm or so and down slightly for an even closer fit that shouldn’t compromise anything.

However, this depends on your particular motorcycle and 3P mounting kit.

Reliable and rugged are two more good words to use regarding the 3P and SH36 side case system. The components are obviously very strong and they take a lot of abuse without suffering anything but a few minor surface scratches.

What absolutely, positively sets the 3P system apart from anything else is the look.

The 3P brackets are simple and minimalist and once fitted, the SH36 side bags flow with and complement the lines of the motorcycle.

The first SH36 cases I had included the Carbon Look inserts, which closely match the finish of the black panels on the S1000XR.

Then I installed the SHAD SH48 top case (review), also with a Carbon Look insert. I thought the finished look was cool.

But with a variety of coloured insert panels available, it turns out that with the white inserts installed, along with a quick one-minute swap of the Carbon Look insert for a White insert on the SH48, the result is a near perfect match for the Light White S1000XR.

The decision is up to you but no matter what color you go with, you probably won’t even feel the SH36 side cases — empty or full — on the motorcycle.

There is no discernable movement and no weight bias affecting the handling.

Just the ability to pack a lot of stuff into them, less the kitchen sink of course!

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wBW Review: SHAD SH36 Side Cases
Manufacturer: SHAD (Spain)
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List Price: SH36 cases: $469.00. SH36 mounting kit: $139.00
Colors: Black with color trim panels. Bag Liners: $64.00/set
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