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SHAD SC20 Scooter Bag

SHAD SC20 Scooter Tunnel Bag

Review Summary

The SHAD SC20 is a basic but rugged scooter tunnel bag with a unique attachment system.

It has a single large pocket that can hold a smaller helmet, plus two narrow side pockets that are easy to access.

This is a generic soft bag, without stiffeners. It attaches with provided stick-on anchors and hook-and-loop pads.

Unfortunately, it does not fit the rather unique design of the BMW scooter.

Who knew this would be so difficult? Even BMW can’t make a tunnel bag to fit their own scooters!

So far, I’m 0-for-2 when it comes to tunnel bags, so maybe it’s time to give up the hunt.

The accessory BMW scooter tunnel bag I reviewed — an official BMW part — does not fit the C 650 GT scooter, which was a bitter (and expensive) disappointment.

The kind folks at SHAD luggage read that article and sent along one of their new SC20 tunnel bags to see if it might work. The nasty winter weather intervened and it took me a while to even pull the SC20 out of the box, but when I did, I discovered that it doesn’t fit either.

Nothing against the SC20; it’s nicely made, simple and rugged and the zippers have an exceptionally smooth feel. But, it doesn’t fit the C 650 GT, so it’s back to “square one”.

The problem — if you want to call it that — is the fold-down storage compartments on the C 650 GT (and, I assume, the C 600 Sport). A tunnel bag must be narrow enough to allow the two compartment doors to open and that means no more than 7″ (18 cm) wide.

That’s a pretty narrow bag that apparently just isn’t made, as far as I know.

BMW Scooter Tunnel Width
BMW C 650 GT scooter with storage compartment doors open.


SHAD currently lists 25 different soft bags on their website, including tank bags, tunnel bags and soft tail bags.

In addition to their own line of luggage, SHAD designs and manufactures OE (Original Equipment) luggage for several motorcycle manufacturers, including BMW.

For example, the BMW-branded top case for the BMW scooters are made by SHAD and I’ll be installing and reviewing that one soon.

The SHAD SC20 (16 liter) and SC30 (24 liter) tunnel bags are a generic shape, designed to fit different maxi-scooter types.

The bags are nicely made and have a quality look and feel and they’re also covered with reflective bits, which is an added bonus.

Unfortunately, the shape and the size just doesn’t work for the BMW scooters.

The shape doesn’t fit the cutout for the tunnel and the bag is too wide at 12.5″ (32 cm). The width prevents the compartment doors from opening, just like I found on the BMW tunnel bag.

The SC20 has a flap on either side towards the front. Each flap has a hook-and-loop section with a stick-on pad. The pad is attached to the scooter and then the flap sticks to the pad with the hook-and-loop.

The bottom of the bag has a strap on either side and at the end of the strap is another pad with hook-and-loop. These pads are designed to stick on to the bottom of the “spine” of the scooter to hold the bag in place.

After quickly realizing that the SC20 was too wide for the BMW scooter, I did not attach it, so I can’t comment on the reliability of this design.

I’m assuming the bag will fit other brands of scooters and I’d like to hear from other scooter owners who own this bag.

The SC20 also comes with a shoulder strap and it has a carrying handle. The hardware is the removable quick-lock type and the straps are adjustable.

SHAD SC20 Bag Clearance
At 12.5″ across, the SHAD SC20 is too wide for the BMW scooter. It blocks the compartment doors.
SHAD SC20 Bag Close-up
The “V” shape of the SHAD SC20. note front attachment flap on the left.
SHAD Tunnel Bag on BMW Scooter
The adjustable strap and stick-on pad holds the SC20 on the spine.
SHAD SC20 Bag Reflectivity
The SHAD SC20 includes large areas of reflective material.
SHAD SC20 Bag Side Pocket
Narrow side pocket on the SHAD SC20.
SHAD SC20 Bag Side View
The SHAD SC20, front view showing the carrying handle. Front attachment strap on the right.


Not much I can say about the SHAD SC20 unfortunately. It’s a nicely made bag that perhaps will fit some large scooters, but not the BMW C 650 GT.

Since the BMW scooter has the front storage compartments, a tunnel bag isn’t really a must-have.

Maybe someone makes a low, shallow and narrow bag with a stick-on bottom that would work for storing a couple of small items, like a cell phone, bottle of water and GPS?

If you know of one, please let me know!

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From “J.O.” (August 2014): “Just wanted to let you know that I am using the Shad SC20 Tunnel bag on my new BMW and it fits perfect. You can actually access both console storage compartments and only have to move the bag slightly to open them.

Far better that the BMW OEM bag.”

From “D.C.” (March 2013): “There are several more tunnel bags on the market. GIVI makes/made a couple of models.

Bestem makes the Bestem LGSU-BGMN-TKB  as found on, dimensions are: 12 x 7 x 13 inches, A fellow named DJ Ellis makes some, (dj at (I have one of his).

There are probably others but these are ones I found in the forums.”

Rick’s Reply: Thanks, looks like these are too big for the BMW scooter also though.