Sena’s Outrush Modular Helmet Is New and Affordable

sena modular Outrush

Smart, Modular, and Affordable

Sena helmets are pretty well-known as the helmets that come equipped with Sena Bluetooth communication units installed right on them. Sena had several variations of its full-face helmets, and a couple of iterations of open face helmets, but now it has a modular option. The modular helmet is called the Outrush and it looks really nice. 

The helmet features an HD audio Bluetooth communication headset that allows you to play music, take phone calls, get GPS directions, listen to FM Radio, and have HD intercom conversations. The 2-way intercom is supposed to be good for up to a half a mile and lasts 15 hours of talk time. The system only takes 3-hours to charge.

sena modular outrush

The helmet features a multi-density EPS liner, three-way ventilation, quick-release ratcheting chin strap, and a drop-down sun visor. Sena says the shell is a lightweight and DOT-rated, so I’m expecting it to be a fiberglass shell, though I’m not seeing it listed on the website. The price for this new modular is reasonable at $199.

Talk about a helmet that has it all. The Sena Outrush looks to be a really killer modular helmet. While I can’t say for sure it is until I or one of my colleagues here at Web Bike World get our hands on it to review it, I will say that Sena seems to have a winner on its hands.


  1. dav
    June 26, 2020

    Sena’s Outrush Modular Helmet on the old site you would have included key facts that speak to it’s safety level . 100% plastic latching mech or the safer plastic and metal reinforced system .

    • June 26, 2020

      Hi Dav, this is not a review of the helmet. This is just a quick writeup on it letting people know a little bit about the helmet and its price. A full review will come at a later date. We still doing the good work you’re referring to.

  2. Courtney P. Allen, Jr
    June 29, 2020

    Wow an helmet with comm unit selling for less than the comm unit alone? Amazing. Do you know for what head shape the helmet is patterned?

  3. Any idea when this will be available?

  4. Keith A Birkhofer
    January 27, 2021

    I am having difficulty in finding a stocking dealer north of Seattle. HELP!!

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