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Sena SMH5

Sena SMH5 Preview

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February 21, 2012 – Sena formally announced the new SMH5 intercom system at the 2012 Dealer Expo.

The SMH5 has a slightly smaller form factor than the Sena SMH-10 intercom (review) and although it uses the new Bluetooth 3.0 standard, it is more comparable in features to the original SMH10.

Sena has also given the SMH5 an aggressive price; a single unit will have a list price of $129.00 and a pair of SMH5 intercoms will cost $249.00. That’s less than most single intercoms!

The SMH5 should be available by the end of March, 2012.

The SMH5 has all the features most riders need, including Bluetooth 3.0, which provides longer battery life (uses power more efficiently); a rider-to-rider wireless range of up to 400 meters; multi-pairing capability; voice prompts in the system to let you know which buttons to push; stereo A2DP; playback control for your music player using AVRCP; the classic Sena “Jog Dial” control interface and more.

Talk time is claimed at 8 hours with a 7 day standby time and the SMH5 can also be used while it is being charged. Sena has a two year warranty on the SMH5.

UPDATE: Sena SMH5 Review!

Sena SMH5 Kit
A Sena SMH5 intercom kit. Note the new connector. The SMH5 does not use the pins found on the SMH-10.
Difference Between SMH5 and SMH10
Graphic illustrating the differences between the SMH5 and the SMH-10.

Sena SMH5 vs. SMH-10

What’s the difference between the SMH5 and SMH10? Besides the size, the SMH10 is now the “Pro” version, with the following features that are not included on the SMH5:

  • Longer (12 hour) talk time.
  • 10 day standby time.
  • Built-in AUX port.
  • Phone conferencing and three- and four-way conferencing.
  • Intercom VOX.
  • Power adapter included.

Regarding the difference between the SMH5 and SMH10, Sena says that the “SMH10 is targeted towards more professional riders, such as group riding or touring, while the SMH5 is more for everyday-use riders who require must-have features at affordable price. We believe SMH5 will contribute considerably to the popularity of motorcycle Bluetooth, and add more fun and safety during riding as well.”

We have a pair of SMH5 intercoms and I’ll get them into the evaluation schedule as soon as possible, so stay tuned.

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Sena SMH5 on Helmet
Sena SMH5 intercom installed on a helmet.
Sena SMH5 vs. SMH-10
Sena SMH5 (bottom) vs. SMH-10 size comparison. The SMH5 is about 2/3 the size of an SMH-10.
Sena SMH5 Box
Sena SMH5 dual kit and box.
Sena SMH5 Close-up
Sena SMH5 close-up.
Sena SMH5 Size
Sena SMH5 size comparison,
Sena SMH5 Parts
Sena SMH5 parts.
Sena SMH5 Specifications

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Publication Date:  February 21, 2012

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