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Scrambler Ducati partially revealed

Scrambler Ducati

Ducati has released more obscure photos of its “Scrambler Ducati” which will be fully unveiled at the Intermot motorcycle show in Cologne on September 30.

UPDATE (September 27): This video has just emerged from MCN in the UK of a rider on a masked Scrambler. It’s pretty good through the corners and seems to be very much like a Monster with a flat seat and dual-sport rubber. (The rider is too close to the centre line on left corners!)

Scrambler DucatiFrom the photos we can see a fair similarity to the Triumph Scrambler as it is low (unless that rider is very tall), has semi-knobby tyres, a pillion seat, single front brake disc and wide bars.

Scrambler Ducati may come in several colours, but definitely comes in the old Ducati yellow which is nice. I also like the LED daytime running light which is a simple ring around the single headlamp.

There is a 45-degree shock and spring on the left, but it is difficult to see if there is one on the right, nor whether it has a single or double-sided swingarm. You still can’t see the exhaust configuration too clearly, but it looks like a low right-hand exit.

The Scrambler Ducati appears light and narrow, with a thin and flat-sided retro tank, and the instruments seem simple with a single pod offset to the right. Very traditional!

However, in a press release, the company stresses that Scrambler Ducati is not a vintage motorcycle. “It is, rather, the contemporary interpretation, in post-heritage style, of the legendary bike produced in the 1970s, exactly as if Ducati had never stopped producing it.”Scrambler Ducati

So far, the company has only shown Scrambler Ducati to a few staff and fans at the World Ducati Week rally last month, but they are cranking up a huge social media strategy with planned leaks “every day” up to September 30. Ducati Australia says it will be available here in early 2015.

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