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Scrambler Ducati 1100 Pro and 1100 Sport Pro

Ducati Scrambler 1100 Pro and 1100 Sport Pro

The Scrambler Goes Pro

Ducati hit gold when it created the Scrambler model. The company has many variants of the bike, and now it has released another couple variantsthe 1100 Pro and 1100 Sport Pro. These two utilize the same 86 hp engine that’s in other 1100 versions of the Scambler, but they get some fancy upgrades that keep the variant worth noticing.

First up, I want to talk about what makes these bikes stand out at first glance. The graphics package and the little twin cannon shorty exhaust look killer and a bit more retro than other models in the lineup. They also get some shortened fenders and low license plate holder.

ducati scrambler 1100 Pro and 1100 Sport Pro

the 1100 Pro gets a two-tone “Ocean Drive” color scheme, steel trellis frame, aluminum subframe, and aluminum covers and other bits. The bike also gets Ducati Traction Control, ABS Cornering, and three riding modes. The 1100 Sport Pro has all the 1100 Pro has and then some. It gets Ohlins suspension and a lower and narrower set of handlebars with bar-end mirrors. In Ducati’s press release, this bike is called “the beefiest version in the scrambler family.”

These two bikes are a nice addition to the Ducati lineup, but I’m beginning to wonder, how many different variants of the Scrambler does Ducati need?