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Scorpion Haley Pants

Scorpion "Haley" Pants Review

Review Summary

These low-rise leather pants have CE approved knee and hip armor.

They also include adjustment straps on the legs for a custom fit.

With all the finishing touches, the Haley pants are anything but boring.

Leather or textile riding pants — that is the question. When I started shopping for gear, I heard this debate many times.

Textile is usually more versatile and often includes insulated liners and it may also be waterproof.

Leather usually offers more protection, but those who have ridden in wet leather say they’ll never do it again.

Leather can also be stifling on a hot summer day.

So which one: leather or textile?

The Scorpion Savannah pants I reviewed not long ago were my first pair of riding pants.

I chose them because their textile and mesh construction with a removable windproof liner had the most versatility.

Also, when I purchased them I could only afford one set of gear and summer was fast approaching.

As finances allow, I’m expanding my motorcycle wardrobe — after all, women generally like to have choices, especially when it comes to clothes!

I’ll be the first to admit I’m picky; I wanted a pair of boot-cut leather pants with hip and knee armor that met CE safety standards — I was surprised that many pairs of women’s leather riding pants have no armor at all. Also, of course, the pants had to fit well and look great.

On a trip to Spokane, Washington, I stopped in my favorite motorcycle shop and found the Scorpion Haley pants. It was an item they normally don’t stock; someone ordered a couple sizes to try on and never picked them up. Lucky for me because I got a great discount!

I grabbed them off the rack, hurried to the dressing room, and slid them on. An instant grin spread across my face; they fit just like the Savannah pants, similar to a low-rise jean. Since the sales guy offered me a big discount, I “had” to get them. Besides, I don’t know what it is about leather pants, but I felt good when I had them on!

Scorpion Haley Pants - Rider and Motorcycle

Protection, Visibility, and Construction

The Scorpion Haley pants not only have CE-approved knee armor, but CE-approved hip armor as well. For added protection, there is an extra layer of leather in impact areas, including the seat.

Seams are strengthened and reinforced by stitching the seam, folding it over, and stitching it a second time. This helps prevent the seams from coming apart in a slide.

Visibility plays a large role in our safety as motorcyclists. The Scorpion Elektra Jacket (review), which pairs beautifully with the Haley pants, as you can see in the photos, has “NightViz” reflective piping which appears black during the day and becomes bright when headlights reflect off them.

I had hoped to see NightViz piping on the pants as well, but there is none. Some reflective strips on the lower leg would have been great; more visibility, especially for night-time, is always a good thing.

Other than that, the Scorpion Haley pants offer lots of protection and are very well constructed.

Scorpion Haley Pants Rear and Side Views

Sizing and Fit

My opinion is the medium-size Scorpion Haley pants fit similarly to the size medium Scorpion Savannah pants. The waist in the Haley pants feels roomier, and when measuring against each other, the waist on the Haley pants is slightly wider.

Surprisingly, the motorcycle shop also had a size small in the Haley pants and I tried those on first. It was a case of hold-my-breath-while-buttoning-the-pants — one of those times when I thought I’d have to lie on the dressing room floor to button them up!

The waist in the size small was too tight. I wondered if they’d fit better after the leather stretched some, but I was more worried that I’d pop the button off when I leaned over my bike!  Plus, the legs were very tight when I bent my knee. Also, the size medium Haley pants are also a little longer than the smalls.

Like the Savannah pants, the Scorpion Haley pants have a low-rise waist, with an 8 inch (20 cm) rise from the crotch to the top of the front waistband. The waist closes with a Scorpion logo button and a metal YKK zipper.

I have a little more wiggle room in the size medium Haley pants compared to the size medium Savannah pants with the liner attached. The medium Haley pants are looser in the waist than I’d like, but that gives me room to layer them over jeans on colder days.

The Scorpion Haley pants also have a leather accordion panel at the back of the waist. This should help prevent the pants from pulling down when seated, and keep them snug when riding.

However, when I’m in the riding position on my sport bike, the waist leaves a gap at my lower back, whereas the Savannah’s tend to hug me fairly closely. This could be a result of the material because leather is obviously stiffer than textile.

I’m curious if the back of the Haley pants will fit tighter after the leather is “broken in”. The pants have belt loops, so the rider can wear a belt to keep the waist snug.

What confuses me is there is no middle belt loop on the back of the Scorpion Haley pants. The Elektra Jacket has a belt-loop attachment, but can’t be attached to the Haley pants for that reason. The Savannah pants have a middle belt loop, so I’m not sure why one was left off the Haley leather version.

In riding position on a sport bike, the Haley pants are a little stiff in the knee, but the knee armor and leather should become more flexible over time. I experienced the same thing with the Savannah pants at first and now the knee armor in those is quite flexible and I don’t even notice them.

The Haley pants are ready to hem, or they can be left as they are with the extra length. Un-hemmed, they are about 3/4 of an inch (2 cm) longer than the Savannah pants.

Once again, a favorite feature is the ability to create a custom fit with adjustment straps on the thighs. Cinch them in to fit snugly, or let them out to layer over jeans.

Scorpion Haley Pants - Waist

Scorpion Haley Pants - Lower Legs

The Scorpion Haley pants have perforated leather on the back of the thighs, the front of the pelvis, and down the length of inner leg, except at the knee. I was curious how much air flow these small perforations would allow; that is until I went outside in 40 degree (4 Celsius) weather to take some pictures.

There was a cold breeze blowing, and I could tell immediately where all the perforations were — the air flowed right through and chilled me. My thought is they will breathe well in the summer, but I’m not sure how comfortable they would be in hot temperatures. When we get back into summer weather, I’ll add an update.

It was 55 degrees (12 Celsius) when I first went for a spin to try the Haley pants. Obviously, they are not designed for cold weather because of the perforations, so I layered them over long johns and jeans.

Standing around, I got hot with all the extra layers on, but in a 75 MPH (120 KPH) wind when I was riding, I stayed warm. The only place that becomes a little cool is at the front of my pelvis where the perforations are located. My legs are otherwise snug against the gas tank of my Ninja 500, which blocks the air flow to the perforations on the inner leg. In summer months, sport bike riders may need to pull their legs out from the tank slightly to allow some ventilation.

The Scorpion Haley pants have a permanent mesh lining that extends to the lower shin for comfort. Unlike the Savannah pants, the Haley version does not have a removable windproof liner. I would have liked to see this feature on the Haley pants to provide more versatility.

The boot-cut leg has a metal 11 inch (28 cm) YKK zipper than can be unzipped for ease in putting boots on. The gusset under the zipper is also perforated leather for more breathability. Straps with buckles on the lower leg can be tightened over boots for a more aerodynamic fit.

There are no pockets in the Haley pants, and my preference would be to add at least one small coin pocket to hold a key or cash.

Again, Scorpion gives us plenty of style. From buckled boot straps, to the Scorpion logo embroidered on the side of the left leg, to quilted panels over the shins, to embossed leather, and even “tattooed” leather on the back of the left leg, the Haley pants could never be called bland.

Scorpion’s gear is as protective as it is fashionable. For ladies looking for leather pants, the Scorpion Haley pants won’t be mistaken for men’s gear. Designed specifically for women and our curves, these armored pants have plenty of protection and let the rider adjust the legs to fit how she likes.

The Haley pants are on closeout, so grab a pair before they’re gone and save some money in the process.

One thing is for sure…this ain’t your momma’s biker gear!

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From “D.S.” (6/10): “Hi, thanks for your reviews – you do an awesome job! Do you know if the knee & hip armor are removable on the Haley pants? I have no dealers around me so I’m going to have to order these off the internet & haven’t found an answer to as the removable armor. Thanks so much!”

Reply from S.G.: Thank you! Yes, the knee and hip armor are removable from both the Haley Pants and the Savannah Pants (the textile/mesh version). – Smalls.