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DOT Version of SCHUBERTH SR1 Announced

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September 8, 2012 – SCHUBERTH announced today the newest addition to their line of aerodynamic, areo-acoustic motorcycle helmets, the SR1.

First introduced at the 2011 EICMA show (report), the SR1 is one of our all-time favorite motorcycle helmets. Be sure to read the full webBikeWorld SCHUBERTH SR1 review.

Engineered specifically for sport riders and professional racers, the SR1 has won numerous awards in the international motorcycle press and is currently worn in the AMA Superbike series by Stefan Nebel.

“The SR1 is considered to be Schuberth’s ‘Masterpiece’ helmet and we are extremely proud to introduce it to riders and racers in the U.S. and Canada,” says Randy Northrup, SCHUBERTH North America’s Vice President.

SR1 Sport Racing Helmet

Maximum safety and comfort, combined with continuous innovation, have been the hallmarks of SCHUBERTH helmets for decades. The new SR1 is a SCHUBERTH product through and through.

Constructed using Schuberth’s proprietary methods, the SR1 shell is made with the extremely light S.T.R.O.N.G. fiber, a special fiberglass-reinforced duroplastic matrix. The smallest of the three shell sizes weighs in at about 1,350 grams (< 3 lbs).

Schuberth’s patented Anti-Roll-Off System offers additional protection to the infinitely adjustable D-Ring closure. The removable, washable Coolmax liner has a hypoallergenic, antibacterial, odor-reducing treatment providing all-temperature comfort.

After countless tests in Schuberth’s own acoustic wind tunnel, the SR1 boasts superb aerodynamics with optimum downforce and very low lift. The compact profile ensures the helmet sits precisely, even at high speed, eliminating buffeting and oscillation while providing directional stability. The D-Force Spoiler features two settings allowing the rider to further adjust the helmet to different seating positions for airflow and downforce control.

The wind tunnel optimized Multi-Volume-Ventilation ensures maximum cooling. Three adjustable air intakes in the front — two at the forehead and one at the chin — and two outlets in the back of the helmet allow optimum ventilation flowing over 2.5 gallons of fresh air per second at 60 mph. The chin vent has three settings that control airflow allowing the rider to choose no air, full facial airflow, or air to the cheeks only.

The SR1 comes with an anti-scratch clear face shield with anti-fog coating. A breath deflector mounted at the chin further helps prevent fogging. The new “Push-Release-System” enables users to quickly and easily remove the face shield at the touch of a button, with no tools. Pinlock® anti-fog lenses and tinted face shields in light smoke, dark smoke and silver mirror finishes are also available.

The aero-acoustics have also been optimized in the SCHUBERTH wind tunnel. At 60 mph, only 88 dB(A) reaches the rider’s ear. The innovative Noise-Reduction-System (N.R.S.) allows the rider to open or close small openings to control the helmet’s acoustics. In racing mode, the N.R.S. can be opened to enable the wearer to perceive background sounds and approaching riders more accurately on the track.

In street mode, the N.R.S. can be closed to reduce noise levels without eliminating important traffic sounds.

The SR1 is certified with both ECE and DOT safety standards. The highly respected European ECE standard for motorcycle helmets is recognized in over 50 countries worldwide as well as for AMA and FIM racing including MotoGP. The North American DOT government safety standard is required for motorcycle helmets worn on public roads.

(ECE version shown; DOT version has white vents)

More: wBW SCHUBERTH SR1 review

Formula 1 in its Genes

Among those involved in developing the SR1 was Michael Schumacher, the seven-time Formula 1 world champion, who has been relying exclusively on SCHUBERTH helmets since 2000 both in his Formula 1 career and in his motorcycle racing endeavors.

The story of the SR1’s genesis goes back to the year 2000. SCHUBERTH and its engineers entered the Formula 1 realm with a clear vision and an ambitious goal: “We’ll build the world’s best helmets for the world’s best drivers.”

SCHUBERTH soon partnered with none other than Michael Schumacher to wear its RF1 carbon helmet, and within a year Schumacher and SCHUBERTH were celebrating their first world championship title together. Schumacher continues to wear SCHUBERTH helmets and to provide Schuberth’s engineers with continuous expert feedback, enabling them to constantly improve the company’s helmets.

In 2006, after winning seven world championships, Schumacher announced his retirement from Formula 1. Shortly afterward, he began his “second career” racing an IDM Superbike.

SCHUBERTH immediately started developing its first motorcycle racing helmet, based on the RF1 carbon helmet from Formula 1. A few months later, the company unveiled the “SCHUBERTH Race”, a lightweight carbon helmet weighing just 900 grams (1.9 lbs.), specially developed for Schumacher. Only five of these helmets have been produced to date.

The SCHUBERTH Race not only got the thumbs-up from Schumacher but also generated wider interest and demand in motorcycle racing scene.

Now, with the new SR1, SCHUBERTH is putting the successor to the “SCHUBERTH Race” into series production for sport riders and professional racers.

After his first test rides with the SR1, Michael Schumacher remained firmly convinced, stating, “As a professional Formula 1 driver and a motorcycle racer with ambitions, I trust SCHUBERTH and no-one else when it comes to safety and comfort – as I have for the past 10 years.”

SCHUBERTH SR1 Pricing and Colors

  • SCHUBERTH SR1 Colors: Gloss Black, Matte Black, Gloss White. List price $899.00.
  • SCHUBERTH SR1 Graphics: Technology Matte Black, Technology White. List price $969.00.
  • Sizes: XS-XXL
  • For more information, visit the SCHUBERTH SR1 mini-site.
  • SCHUBERTH SR1 review.

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