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SCHUBERTH R2 Enforcer Hands-On Review

An Eagerly Awaited Helmet That Did Not Disappoint

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SCHUBERTH R2 Enforcer Hands Review Summary
Review Summary
The eagerly awaited SCHUBERTH R2 Enforcer helmet has been hands-on tested for a result that did not disappoint. For under $600, the SCHUBERTH is a surprise for a design with fine German engineering that can add up to over $900. Paired with the flashy graphic options and easily integrated pre-wired communication system make this a quality investment.
Light Weight
DFP Fiberglass Shell
DOT Compliant
Extra wide viewport
Anti-fog system
True sizing
Pre-wired for SC1 comm system with speakers, microphone and integrated antennae
Chin vent is unstable
Vent durability is questionable
A Good Buy

I always wear a full face helmet just because I ride in an environment that has a lot of sand and rock and the full face protection is appreciated. Putting this helmet on for the first time, it was snug but still very comfortable. The fit is secure but not so tight that you dread the first few rides to break it in.

I read a few negative comments regarding the chinstrap and the double D-ring closure but found the strap to be perfect in length and easy to secure with the D-rings and snap. And in fact, I really like that SCHUBERTH uses two slightly different shapes for the d rings which makes them very easy to secure by touch only.

The only thing that I questioned from the first time that I handled the R2 were the two vents. The vent on the chin is very easy to open, almost too easy. The larger vent on the top of the helmet does not move quite a freely as the chin vent, but both are made of plastic and I am not sure of the durability. Just from the feel and sound tapping on the two vents, I feel like this might be the one weak point of the SCHUBERTH R2 Enforcer.

The R2 Enforcer is offered in XS to 2XL and is finished in four color schemes. The red version also includes black and white as does the grey helmet. Both the yellow and the green versions include black and grey but no white.

I went with the red, black and white and love both the look and the function of this helmet. The helmet is an intermediate oval which is the most common shape for helmets in the North American market, and it weighs in at just 3.27 pounds. And in my case, the fit was just as I expected and the sizing is very true.


Reasonable Pricing

The R2 Enforcer helmet sells for $569.00 which is a few hundred cheaper than many of the other SCHUBERTH full face helmets. And the fact that this helmet is already set up for the addition of the SCHUBERTH comm system makes the price even more reasonable. In addition, a unique process used to construct the shell of the R2 makes it very strong by also very lightweight for a helmet in this price range.

R2 Enforcer Design & Features

Fit & Comfort


Fit and comfort are important in a helmet because if it is not comfortable, riders will not wear it. In the United States, only 19 states have a universal motorcycle helmet law requiring all riders to wear an approved helmet. So in the remaining 31 states riders can choose to wear a helmet or take the chance and not wear a helmet. And a major complaint of those riders who don’t wear a helmet is their comfort. The SCHUBERTH R2 is a truly affordable option that provides both comfort and protection.


Front view of Schuberth R2 cheek and face padding

The SCHUBERTH R2 is a very easy helmet to put on and take off. The chin strap folds back nicely and it is easy to slip the helmet on. And once it is on your head, it fits snuggly but not so tight that you will have pressure points or a headache after a long ride. The comfort liner is made from a material called ShinyTex which is antimicrobial, washable and fast drying. An added benefit is that the liner is seamless so there will be no issues with abrasion.

One feature that was an awesome surprise to me was the integrated channel that is on each side of the helmet for those of us who wear glasses. This made it really easy to put my glasses on after securing the helmet.

I ordered an XS and it fit me perfectly. I was able to put it on without feeling like I was ripping off my ears, but once it was on, the pads were secure against my cheeks. I also felt the pads fitting snugly all the way around my head with no gaps or overly tight areas. I could easily secure the chin strap and snap the end in place without any overly large loop. I have had some helmets with the quick release strap in the past but have never really embraced them, so the double D-ring connection is perfect for me.

Schuberth double -D closure

I ride a sportbike and I tend to stay in a fairly aggressive tuck most of the time. Several other helmets that I have tested extended further down the back of my neck making it difficult to tuck and have my head in a comfortable position. The back of the helmet would rest on the back protector in my jacket and force my head forward.

The R2 is definitely shaped to accommodate an aggressive posture and head position very comfortably. Overall the fit and comfort are just what I hoped for and expected from a SCHUBERTH.

Rear view of Schuberth R2 showing the contour along the back of the helmet to allow for an aggressive riding position

Outer Shell

The outer shell of the R2 Enforcer is made of DFP fiberglass, but it is the unique construction process that makes the R2 special.

Direct Fiber Processing uses a continuous strand of glass yarn that is precision cut by a robot and blown into the helmet shell mold. Then an exact amount of resin and heat are added under high pressure to create a shell that is superior in strength and durability to other fiberglass helmet shells, The process also ensures that the material is distributed exactly and the shell is uniform in thickness.



Field Of Vision

One of my favorite features of the R2 is the huge field of vision. I never felt that my vision was restricted when I was riding as I glanced down at my gauges or when I was looking forward. In addition, the viewport extends further than most helmets that I have worn.

I never at any point felt that the helmet opening was limited my peripheral vision or my ability to look to the side when turning or changing lanes. I found that I was barely able to rotate my eyes to the side far enough to even see the edge of the helmet opening.

Schuberth R2 large viewport for unobstructed vision


The R2 Enforcer comes with a clear visor and there is no integrated sun visor. However, there is a tinted visor that can be purchased if you want to change out the clear visor that is shipped with the helmet. Large thumb tabs on each side of the visor make opening and closing simple and fast. I never had any issues with the visor not locking into one of the five positions, including fully closed.

The anti-fog system worked great when I was out for an early morning ride. But, if for some reason you are not a fan of the anti-fog screen, you can remove it by just snapping it out of the visor.

 Schuberth R2 visor 5 position locking mechanism


The airflow in the R2 Enforcer is very good. For a full face helmet, I found it to allow for a lot of air movement. My concern is with the actual construction of the vents themselves. The chin vent is very easy to open by pushing on the lower portion of the vent. In fact, I found that it actually was very easy to accidentally open the vent when I was reaching for the visor. When I was riding with the chin visor open, I also noticed that the wind would begin to close the vent at high speeds.

Schuberth R2 with chin and top vent open for airflow

The vent on the top of the helmet is about 2.75 inches across and allows for good airflow as well. Again, the vent is really easy to open and close, but that makes me wonder how well they will hold up with regular use. Both vents are plastic and feel inexpensive as compared to the rest of the helmet surface. Just tapping on the vents with my finger makes me think that one rock hit and they will shatter.

My Shoei has vents in similar locations and the vent covers are not just plain plastic. They have a hard coating on them much like the rest of the helmet which I believe adds a great deal of durability. Only time will tell, and if this becomes an issue, I will add an amendment to this post.

With the vents closed and the visor closed, this is one of the quietest helmets that I have ever worn. And even with the vents open, there was not annoying whistling sound or sound of rushing air. I do not have an SC1 communication system, so I did not test the sound quality of the comms or the pre-installed speaker and microphone.

SC1 System

Schuberth R2 integrated speaker for the SC1 comm system
The R2 helmets come equipped with a speaker and microphone that is designed to accommodate the SC1 system. This makes the pairing as simple as plug and play. There is also an integrated antenna that wraps around the inside of the helmet shell which allows for greater distance between users without an external antenna. The SC1 standard system is available for $229 while the advanced system is $349. Both can be purchased at Revzilla.

Schuberth R2 base showing port covers for the SC1 comms system

The Verdict?

I had high expectations for my first experience with a SCHUBERTH helmet and the R2 Enforcer did not disappoint. I was surprised to find a pre-wired SCHUBERTH for under $600. This means that even after purchasing the communication system, the total investment in this helmet would be just under $800 unless you go for the upgraded comms, then you are spending just over $900.

The Enforcer graphics and color schemes take this helmet a little closer to the wild side than most SCHUBERTH helmets but you still get all of the safety and quality that SCHUBERTH is known for throughout the industry. The SCHUBERTH R2 Enforcer is a great helmet for the price due to the quality, comfort, and top of the line features.

The SCHUBERTH R2 Enforcer is a great choice for a mid-range priced helmet that offers many top-of-the-line features. The ability to integrate the SCHUBERTH SC1 communication system by simply dropping in the battery and the module into the outer shell of the helmet makes this a simple solution for anyone who wants an easy comm system and superior protection from a single helmet.

Clearly, SCHUBERTH understands that not everyone can afford a $1,000 plus helmet, but every rider deserves the opportunity to wear a helmet that offers great safety, comfort and some high-end features. The R2 Enforcer is here to meet the needs of the riders who thought that the SCHUBERTH quality was not possible within their budget.


  • Light Weight
  • DFP Fiberglass Shell
  • DOT Compliant
  • Aerodynamic
  • Extra wide viewport
  • Anti-fog system
  • Removable/ washable lining
  • True sizing
  • Quiet
  • Pre-wired for SC1 comm system with speakers, microphone, & integrated antennae
  • Affordable
  • DOT approved


  • Chin vent is unstable
  • Vent durability is questionable


  • Manufacturer: SCHUBERTH
  • Price (When Tested): $569.00
  • Made In: Germany
  • Alternative models & colors: grey, red, yellow and green
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Review Date: February 2019


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  1. Wow, just saw you’re in Phoenix too. I live in north central Phoenix. I assume you’re going on AZRide’s Devil’s Run this weekend? Google it, an incredible ride.

    I also bought the R2 in the exact colorway you did and I expected it to replace my Shoei GT-Air and Sena 10U setup (since I couldn’t get the Shoei to stop whistling without having to add tape and felt by the latch) but have decided try one more Shoei and this one doesn’t whistle. Admittedly, I also bought the R2 because it was on sale on ebay for like $200 new and I had to try it at that price. I will continue to compare the two of these helmets but one thing seems to be the R2 doesn’t flow enough air for me and as you know it’s damned hot in Phoenix. If you still have this helmet, I might be selling my SC1 unit quite cheaply (used only a few hours) and maybe ($100!) mirrored visor I bought for it. Reach out to me if you’re interested. On this weekend’s trip, I hope I have enough room to pack the R2 so I can compare it to the GT-Air over a long road trip.

    Lastly, don’t you find that running a clear visor in the summer in Phoenix makes your helmet SO much hotter? Like untinted windows in a car?

    1. David, Hi from across the pond! Is your SC1 unit the advanced? & would you consider selling & shipping it to the UK?
      Best regards

  2. Hi Simon, no, it’s not the SC1A, just the SC1. Yes, I’d like to sell it since I’m likely not keeping the helmet. It’s a fine helmet and the SC1 works great but I have two Shoei GT-Air helmets and in a few months am expecting my Jarvish X-AR Tron version. Not sure how you can get a hold of me short of one of us publishing our email addy right here.

  3. Hi David! I’m looking at either the R2 or a Nolan N87, going to try both on next week, & will make my decision then.How much are you looking at, shipped to the UK?
    We can find a way of getting hold of each other if I go ahead with it.

  4. Do you wear size small or medium? I’ll be selling the helmet too. R2 Enforcer in red/white/black. Mine is a size small but it’s actually more like a small/medium. I’ll sell the SC1 for $140 plus shipping. Not sure how much that would be. It has less then 8 hours it, both the helmet and the unit.

    1. Hi David, I need to try one on for size, My Shoei is a S, my older caberg was a M, & I guess it depends if my head shape fits!.I don’t know how we can take the conversation off here other than post an e-mail addy, but I can’t see how to then delete a post. How about facebook?
      Not sure how much shipping would cost for a lid..

  5. Buddy, if you’re interested I can probably save you some money, despite the shipping. I even bought a tinted visor, they’re $100 (ugh!), chrome. email my … less important old email address. I’ll put spaces in but take them out. “freak town 27 @” and the domain is the one that has hot and mail in it. I just realized that I’ve had that email address for 20 years.

  6. David,

    Experiencing horrible whistling with my new S-2 helmet with the visor open. Almost so high pitched to be bearable. This is with the visor open and 40mph. Any brilliant ideas?