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5 Scenic Motorcycle Rides in Europe Every Harley-loving Couple Will Enjoy

Europe motorcycle

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If we’re being completely honest, bikers are rarely seen alone. Apart from biker groups, you’ll often see a couple riding similar or even the same motorcycles, usually Harley-Davidsons, going on a road trip together. It doesn’t matter if the two have met at a bike rally or on a website that specializes in helping people meet local bikers, road trips are definitely something every Harley-loving couple will regularly do.

With that in mind, we wanted to take a look at some of the most popular bike routes in Europe, the continent as diverse as it’s beautiful. So, for both fresh couples and long-time partners that own Harleys, here are the top 5 scenic motorcycle rides in Europe.

1. Trans European Trail

We’ll kick it off with something strong and reserved only for those with the most serious of intents. If you and your partner want to take your choppers for a long and worthwhile road trip through the majority of the Old Continent, then the Trans European Trail is the way to go (pun intended).

With over 21,000 miles of road to choose from, the TET winds through 27 countries, from Norway and Sweden in the north to Romania and Serbia in the south, which means that some serious riding experience is more than welcome. However, if you do opt for it, we can assure you that it’s going to be a trip of a lifetime both for you and your partner.

2. The Wild Atlantic Way

For couples who prefer to ride alongside the coast, there’s always the good, ol’ Wild Atlantic Way. Not only is it one of the most beautiful routes for dual Harley-riding, but it’s also the longest coastal route on the planet. It starts off in Kinsale and traverses just over 1,500 miles to Londonderry while providing the riders with an opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Ireland along the way.

3. Verdon Gorge

If there was ever a counterpart of the Grand Canyon in Europe, it would be the Verdon Gorge. The scenic route around this magnificent site begins and ends in Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, which sits just north of Monaco and Nice. With a lot of twists and awesome opportunities for camping along the way, the Verdon Gorge is probably the most beautiful bike route in France, especially for couples.

4. The Garmisch Run

For all those couples who like to visit famous conventions while still going on road trips through beautiful landscapes, we can’t think of a better route than the Garmisch Run. This legendary road will take you from Calais, France all the way to the town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, where the biggest BMW gathering in the world is held.

5. The Road to the Fjords

Finally, we’ll top it off with a road that’s best suited for those among you who prefer the cold and dry over any other type of weather. If a biker couple wants to truly experience Norway in all of its beauty, we can’t deny that the Road to the Fjords is most likely the best option here.

The trip begins in Kristiansand and takes you alongside the Norwegian coast which treats you to amazing sights of the fjords, only to end up in Bergen, from which there are endless route choices if you and your partner wish to continue riding.