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Safety Advice for Motorcycle Riders and Other Road Users!

Road safety advice

The following information will provide some very useful important key facts and imperative safety tips which will help to protect your life as a motorcyclist. This information can also help to save an injured motorcyclist at the scene of a road traffic accident. We will also offer support and guidance to people who have sadly already been a victim of a road traffic collision.

Motorcycle Rider Safety Tips

You should always wear ALL of the protective clothing that will ultimately protect you if something goes wrong and will help to minimize injury. We advise you to wear protective leather clothing such as a leather jacket, leather trousers, leather boots (with non-skid soles), and leather gloves. The items when worn together will help to really protect all of your skin in the event of coming off your motorcycle at high speeds and sliding along the road surface. We always recommend that you should wear a motorcycle helmet which offers full face protection. This helps to protect your chin also in the event of a collision. Check out these motorcycle rider safety tips for more information.

First at Scene of Motorcycle Road Traffic Accident Advice

If you are ever first to the scene of an accident, we advise you to remember to remain calm, as a calm person is required to take order and direction until medical services arrive, which of course you should contact straight away. You should reassure the victim as they will no doubt be in a confused mental state and likely to be suffering from major shock and trauma following the road traffic accident. If the injured person is breathing you should ALWAYS leave the helmet on. This is to prevent any further injury to the neck which may have occurred. The helmet should only be removed if the airway is blocked and the injured person is not able to breathe, otherwise leave it in place to avoid the risk of further injury.

Victim of a Road Traffic Accident?

When someone has been the victim of a road traffic accident it often takes them by severe shock and can have a dramatic effect on us for the rest of their life, both mentally and physically.  Sadly, some victims do not ever ride a bike again due to this happening, and many are even unable to carry out simple tasks around the home, or attend the job they used to do before the road traffic accident. In the worst cases, loss of life can happen and this can affect the family of the deceased greatly.

SK Law – NJ Personal Injury Lawyers can help victims or their families to obtain the justice they deserve for the road traffic accident they have sadly been involved with. There are certain aspects which can be investigated such as temporary loss of earnings, loss of physical or mental ability, loss of life, and the inability to work again, which will result in financial compensation for the concerned party.

Luckily, most motorcycle accidents can be avoided, but it pays to understand the information above, just in case you are involved in an accident in the future.

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