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Rynus has apparently chosen some interesting biblical names for their clothing items, including the Genesis and Ruah jacket and these Exodus gloves. The Exodus gloves are a good stylistic match for the Rynus leather jackets, with their red, white and black colors carrying the theme especially from the Rynus Charisma jacket.

Rynus also makes the “Gauntlet” leather glove with, you guessed it, full gauntlets. These Exodus gloves have a short cuff that works better when worn underneath the sleeve, which helps to cover the short cinch but also hides a bit of the bling — the dark chrome plated star button on top. The size XL Exodus gloves shown here fit like a size men’s large in other brands, so apparently Rynus’ sizing in both the jackets and gloves seems to be labeled one size smaller than it actually is. In other words, the size XL jackets fit like a large as do the gloves.The

Rynus Exodus Gloves

There’s plenty of style on the Exodus gloves, but they’re definitely aimed more at the street/stunt crowd than serious racers. I think the Gauntlet gloves would probably be better suited for serious Sportbike work.

The styling blends the white colored leather with the black and the red highlights rather well. The highly stylized third and fourth knuckle protectors on top are apparently made from a type of chrome-plated plastic, mounted on a flexible rubber-like translucent blue backing. The little Rhino logo appears here also.

The red knuckle protectors over the fingers feel like they’re made from painted plastic; they offer some style but probably not as much protection as more serious gloves. But overall, I’d say that the Exodus gloves offer about the same levels of protection usually found in short gloves of this type.

The cinch strap is under the wrist; it’s a simple rubber affair, holding the glove tight with some hook-and-loop fastener. The palm side of the gloves has a large section of Kevlar with an array of “direct welded” rubber sliders protecting the heel of the hand.

Rynus Exodus Gloves

Rynus Exodus Gloves - Knuckles

Rynus Exodus Gloves - Palm

Rynus Exodus Gloves - Palm Slider Close-up

The upper part of the palm directly under the hand is covered with double-stitched silicon in a waffle pattern. This feels like rather sticky material and works well to give a good grip and feel for the handlebars.

The Exodus gloves are stitched using single- and double-row Kevlar thread, according to Rynus. There’s an extra piece of leather over the thumb and the outer edge of the pinky finger.

The gloves have a thin lining, and I think these will actually work rather well in warmer weather, because there’s no insulation. The thin lining and lack of insulation that might work as padding allows some of the internal stitching to be felt, but overall they’re pretty comfortable.

The 0.8 to 1.0 mm leather broke in very quickly, and the leather feels soft. After break-in, the gloves have a bit more room across the body and in the palm, but the fingers remained at “normal” size large lengths.


The Rynus Exodus gloves are a highly stylized version of a street/stunt glove and the design may not be for everyone, but one thing’s for sure: they definitely stand out, especially compared to many other short gloves, which seem tame in comparison!

Product Review:  Rynus Exodus Leather Motorcycle Gloves
Available From:  Rynus Suggested Retail Price:  $79.00
Colors: Black, Pearl White and Red combination.  Sizes:  M to XXL Made In: China
Review Date:  April 2008
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