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Royal Enfield CEO Says an Electric Model Is Coming

The Electrified Future Is Coming

There was a rumor that Royal Enfield was working on an electric motorcycle. Nothing was ever confirmed but now the company’s CEO Vinod Dasari has said the company will have an electric model at some point in an interview with the Economic Times of India. While he has not given any specific details, he did say the company will spend a lot more money on new products and he called out electric bikes specifically. 

“Just because there was a downturn, we did not cut down on our capex. I don’t think we’ll spend any more on any large (facility). Most of our capex will go into capability building, new products, electric and other stuff. And it will also go into many small assembly plants around the world,” said Dasari.

His comments came after the publication asked him about the slow down in the marketplace about the time that he took over as CEO. 

I know this isn’t much to go on, but it is nice to know from the CEO’s own mouth that the company is actively working on an electric bike and will spend the necessary resources to make that happen. No matter how you feel about electric bikes, I think companies will have to make them in order to survive.

  1. I do not have anything against electric motorcycle’s. But, I live in rural America. The range and charge times for current electrics, stops me from even considering them. Then there is the price. Once the price and ability to travel any distance, is solved, rural areas could consider them. Now for the people living in large cities (most of the people), the limiting factor is price. But, I am sure price will come down.

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