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Rolling Thunder Pig Spit

Rolling Thunder Pig Spit

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Manufacturer’s Information

Category:  Engine, metal, plastic cleaner & protection
Type: Aerosol Can, 9 oz. (255 g)
Manufacturer: Rolling Thunder
Made In:  U.S.A.
Retail Price: $13.95

Claims – “Instant spit shine for motors.  Total bike protection.  Renews luster to faded or wax-marked paint.”
For Use On – Metal, rubber, wrinkle paint, powder coated surfaces.
Claimed Features – “Makes black wrinkle and powdercoat [sic] look new.  Wicks into hard-to-reach areas like motor fins and transmissions.  Eliminates those “impossible to remove” wax marks.  Stops belt squeeks [sic] and extends belt life.  Enhances paint luster.  Keeps spokes from corroding and even shines tires [sic].  Provides UV protection, preventing color fading on paint and carbon fiber finishes”.
Application –  Spray thin mist on clean and dry surfaces.  Can be buffed or applied with a cloth
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Our Opinions

Strange stuff, Pig Spit.  We’re not 100% sure what it’s really supposed to do.  Very expensive for what it is – the S100 Engine Brightener works much better on black engine and frame parts, in our opinion.It doesn’t last as long or work as well as Black Again, in our opinion.  The spray can leaked almost immediately from under the spray tip, wasting a large quantity every time we use it.

Score:  1/5

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