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Roadgear Motorcycle Tool Roll

Roadgear Sport Touring Tool Pouch

Review Summary

As regular webBikeWorld readers know, I’m a tool fanatic, so any item or product that has to do with tools has my immediate attention.

This definitely includes tool boxes, tool “rolls” or anything else related to storing or displaying my tools.

In fact, I’m always searching for the “perfect” toolbox and maybe someday I’ll find it…

There are different sub-species in the toolbox hierarchy, and the classic tool roll is probably the most basic and most familiar to motorcyclists.

In fact, the classic leather tool roll or tool pouch (or tool bag, in fact), prominently displayed on the front of a 1950’s Harley or Triumph, is as iconic as the brands themselves.

To this day, cruiser owners will sometimes attach a nice leather tool bag to the front of the bike, which is both useful and stylish in its own way.

Roadgear Sport Touring Tool Pouch

The Roadgear Sport Touring Tool Pouch is but one of many, many different types and choices for a motorcycle tool roll or tool bag.  I don’t really have much experience with other brands or types, except for the cheap vinyl or cloth tool rolls that motorcycle manufacturers stuff under the seat to hold the cheap stamped tools they provide.

But the Roadgear Tool Pouch has a couple of things going for it.  It’s made in the U.S.A. from genuine DuPont Cordura Plus in 1,000 denier weight.  It has a couple of nice straps attached to the outside, which close with those clip-together buckles that also allow the straps to be adjustable for length.  See our video below for a quick demo of how it all works.

One nitpick is that the strap ends just hang loose if the tool roll is only rolled to a small diameter.  It would have been better if they put some Velcro on the straps to hold the loose ends when the roll isn’t stuffed to capacity.

But on the positive side, the tool roll has the nice reflective Roadgear logo on top.  Not sure when you’d need a reflective logo on a tool pouch, but it’s a nice touch.

Roadgear Motorcycle Tool Roll Open

Another nice feature is the 10-year warranty Roadgear provides on the Sport Touring Tool Pouch.  There aren’t many moving parts here, so chances are that you would never have to take advantage of the warranty, but I think 10 years is a very generous warranty on something like this that will take a lot of abuse.

Unfold the tool roll and it lays flat.  The dimensions are approximately 49.5 cm (19.5″) long and 40 cm (15.5″) wide when it’s laid flat.  It rolls up into a package roughly 18 cm (7″) wide, but the overall thickness will, of course, depend on how many tools are placed inside.  See our video below for a rough idea of the size and how it all works.

Inside, starting from the bottom, is a long divided pocket with Velcro on top to hold it closed.  The pocket is divided about 80/20% across the length of the roll, with a longer pocket taking up about 80% and a smaller pocket taking up the remaining 20% or so.

Since these pockets can be closed and sealed, they’re good for holding small items like Allen wrenches, nuts and bolts or gaskets.  Just be careful how the items are placed inside the pockets so that nothing gets bent when the fabric is rolled up.

Roadgear Sport Touring Motorcycle Tool Pouch Close-up

Above the bottom pockets are 9 vertical holders for tools.  They seem to be sewn at different widths, to fit differently sized wrenches, screwdrivers or other tools (see photos).

Then in back of all this is a large pocket behind the black fabric.  It’s also divided 80/20 and can hold larger tools or a flashlight (don’t forget that!), paperwork or maybe an owner’s manual.  Again, I learned that tool and item placement is important because everything eventually gets rolled up and secured.

After all the tools are inside, the top flap folds down over the pockets and the fabric can be either rolled up in a tube form, or, if the tools have been carefully packed, it can be folded three or four times and secured with the straps in a slightly flatter profile.

I don’t think the Roadgear Tool Pouch will fit under the seat of many (or any) motorcycles, but it’s a good tool holder that will fit into a tank bag or side bag.  It keeps the tools secure and tight so they don’t rattle around or get lost.

By the way, I’d suggest that if you’re going to buy one, get it in black.  The yellow version shown here instantly became dirty from the tools, and probably the red and silver versions would do the same.  Black should do a good job at hiding the dirt and grime that is surely associated with using tools on a motorcycle.

wBW Video:  Roadgear Sport Touring Tool Pouch


The Roadgear tool roll, or “Sport Touring Tool Pouch”, is a handy device for holding a small assortment of tools to carry on a tour or elsewhere.  It also comes in handy as a general tool bag for use in the house or car.

wBW Product Review:  Roadgear Sport Touring Tool Pouch

Available From:  Roadgear List Price:  $25.90
Colors:  Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Silver. Made in:  U.S.A.
Review Date:  October 2009  Notes:  This product was provided by the manufacturer for this review (more).

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From “R.G.” (7/10):  “I have this item and it is great!  It holds a fair amount of tools and does so quite efficiently and cheaply (a great value for the money).  I bought the yellow one, opting for low-light visibility over the ability to hide dirt (understanding that breakdowns usually happen in low-light or conditions that hide tools/small items.  The yellow flap gives a hi-visible work space for tools/items in use.”

From “S.S.” (1/10):  “Last May I was riding with two friends, and the directions from Google took us across a short dirt “road” that was more like a dry creek bed.  Rather than ride the long way back around, we decided to try it.

I went first on my Triumph Legend, followed by my buddy on his Honda 450 twin.  Buddy #2 on the Harley Dyna chose a different puddle of water, and hit a big rock and dumped the bike onto its left side.  Fortunately, with the Honda 450 factory toolkit and some softball sized stones, we were able to pound the shifter out enough to continue our ride.

Since that experience, I always have my tools with me, and some sterile bandages (don’t ask).  My buddy’s Honda even has a small metal box on it that the toolkit slips into.  Pretty cool idea, and definitely saved our (butts) on that trip.”

From “J.L.W.” (10/09):  “I have been riding for a lot of years and I have to say that the need for tools on the bike is way overrated.  The only tools you really need if you have a chain driven bike and are going for a long ride is a torque wrench and socket to fit the rear axle nut so you can adjust the chain if required and some kind of tire plug kit and air pump.

Fasteners don’t work loose anymore even on Harleys so what are you going to use the tools for?  Anything that disables the bike is going to be beyond the ability of most riders to fix and beyond the scope of the tools even if the rider had the ability.

Editor’s Reply:  Well, although I may agree somewhat, tell that to a rider of a vintage or antique bike, a long-distance tourer, a world adventure tourer, an on/off road desert rider or a backwoods plonker and I’m not sure if they would agree!  If only motorcycles never failed no matter what, life would be sweet!  Let’s ask: readers, what do you think?

From “B.C.” (10/09):  “I’ve had the same RoadGear tool roll featured in the review for I think around thirteen years now & other than being a little dirty (mine’s red) it’s holding up just fine.  In fact, it’ll probably be around long after I’m gone.

I keep mine in my top box and it’s just the right size for my needs.  As for the long, loose straps I just shortened them some & hit the ends with a lighter to keep them from fraying.”

From “G.M.” (10/09):  “This is indeed a nice tool roll, I have owned it for several years, and it will hold an amazing amount of tools, so long as you choose and pack carefully.

I did spend a while trying to straighten out the lip of the cover that is sewn down at a angle, but I eventually figured out they did it on purpose ;<).

Mine is packed with various tools including the flashlight, a self-contained butane soldering iron (I’m into wiring projects, which might go bad one day on the road), a shorty screw/nut driver, the obligatory Allen wrenches which are a handy one-piece item from Wal-Mart (future review?), etc.

Going to Wal-Mart to pick up a couple of special shorty tools to fit the bag is part of the fun.  I totally agree on the color, I bought the black one because I could tell the other colors would get messed up quickly.  I carry mine in a tail bag, at the bottom of course, because fully loaded, it’s heavy.  It is a quality product, well designed and reasonably priced