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Wot-thu! Road improved but speed reduced

New Mt Glorious roadworks fail in first rain speed reduced

What is the point of improving the quality of a road at millions of dollars expense to the taxpayers and ratepayers only to then have the speed limit reduced 33%?

That is exactly what has happened on one of our favourite motorcycle routes – Mt Nebo Rd – and it is not alone.

In recent years we have seen many other popular motorcycle routes upgraded only to then have their speed limit dropped.

The list includes, but is not limited to the Great Ocean Rd, Putty Rd, Bells Line Of Road, Oxley Highway, Blackall Ranges and the Great Northern Rd.

Now it has happened to Mt Nebo Rd which is a section that runs over Mt Glorious west of Brisbane.

The speed limit was 60km/h and the road was quite challenging.

Riders on Mt Glorious road works designer straight speed reduced
The old road was quite challenging

However, over the past couple of years major roadworks costing $3.2m (council and federal money) have widened the road, fixed the camber and included lower slip rails.

All this makes it safer for riders on this notorious stretch.

It was reopened only last month but has been closed down to one lane again after it started to crack in recent heavy rains.

It will remain restricted to single-lane traffic until the end of November for remedial work.

New Mt Glorious roadworks fail in first rain speed reduced
Cracks show the subsidence

Speed reduced

Moreton Bay Regional Council says the speed limit on that section of the road will be reduced 33% to 40km/h permanently.

Division 11 Councillor Darren Grimwade says there were “a number of curved sections of the road which currently had recommended (but not enforced) speed limits of less than 60km/h”.

“The section of Mt Nebo Road which is currently being remediated has a temporary speed limit of 40km/h as a result of the restriction to one lane under traffic control,” he says.

“During the development of the road reconstruction design two years ago, the Mt Nebo Residents Association requested a permanent reduction to 40km/h along these curved sections of the road.

“A recent speed review was carried out by council along the whole length of Mt Nebo Road which confirmed a permanent reduction to 40km/h along these sections was appropriate and will be implemented to improve the safety of motorists at the completion of remediation works.”

Motorcycle Advocacy Group (MAG) member Stuart Langfield says the speed limit was reduced because the council believed it would reduce the noise of the vehicles to the residents.

Stuart Langfield Mt Glorious reservations reduced
Stuart Langfield

“At the AGM of the local residents last year I informed them it would not reduce the noise level but extend its duration by another 50%,” he says.

“Feedback from the residents is that I was correct.”

Motorcycles will also be louder as they will have to engage a lower gear along this section.

So the residents have won nothing!

MAG is also concerned about a reduction of speed limits on the rest of the mountain when Main Roads upgrades the road.


  1. The Road Authorities have been hijacked by morons.
    The “local residents have requested” is complete rubbish unless you consider a single noisy individual not be voice of the majority.
    This is happening all over the country, in every jurisdiction. With very high pressure on politicians to reduce the road toll to zero, they don’t care what it is or how it impacts normally people, they just see this lowering of speed limits to be the easiest thing to do when to moron bureaucrats tell them “this is the way to do it”.

  2. is it not possible for the motorcycle community to petition to get the limits increased again back to their original (majority of 80kph) and back to 60kph?
    The fact that even through Mt Nebo township is 50kph makes a complete mockery of the ridiculous speed limit from bus stop down the hill being 40kph. Absolute joke.

    The whole place has gone mad… And to top that off they want to stop racing etc at Lakeside…so tell me…where do we go.??? What avenues are they providing. Zip zero zilch!
    I know the likelihood of this next suggestion is pretty low…but imagine if every single individual in Australia who got a speeding ticket elected to go to court…
    If I had a lazy couple $mil i would set up a fund to cover all costs for every persons court appearance even if they lost and had to pay the extra few hundred $’s in associated fees.
    I guarantee the justice system would be mandating to the poo lice to bloody quit it…

    Its a nice thought i know…but alas the are stuck with the nazi Qld Road Policing situation. damn it all…

    1. It’s not an extra few hundred for losing in court especially when it’s a fine from one of their Deadly accurate cough cough speed measuring devices. If you take one of those fines to court they threaten you with an extra five thousand fine just for being impudent enough to exercise your rights.

  3. Its happening everywhere. Mt Glorious, Mt Nebo, Mt Tamborine you name it. Do as I did. Buy and adventure bike and head off road into the bush, or just relax and enjoy the slower ride.

  4. Lower speed limits are deadly! When will the authorities stop listening to the chicken littles who think the sky will fall if people are allowed to travel at a reasonable speed for the situation?
    The real statistics prove that the type of speeding that causes most fatalities is the speeding that occurs under or at the limit. And when limits are reduced the number of fatalities go up!
    For speed limits to have an effect they would have to be ten kilometres per hour and you’d need a team of drivers to swap every ten minutes. You’d be banned from driving at night in rain or fog or into a setting or rising sun.
    The fatalities that come from exceeding the speed limit are mostly suicides health incidents car thieves and street racers these total about five percent of the total number of fatalities attributed to excessive speed. Only two percent of the total is from people who are simply driving too fast over the limit. Yet they say fifty six percent of fatalities are caused by speeding to justify lower limits and more cameras.

  5. The day is near when we Motorcyclist’s downgrade to 50cc Scooters. Why you ask me?
    No speeding fines, driving on a car licence, cheap as chips insurance, and space under the seat for the storage of Leather’s and rain gear. Add a top box too if you want more.
    You’ll ride it like a 50cc Grande Prix bike of old, flat out and have a grin from ear to ear.
    It’s not the size of the motor that thrills, it’s pushing the machine to close to it’s limits that on roads like The Mountain Glorious that rewards the Rider and all at close to, at, or under posted speeds.
    I can it all now.

  6. Went up there for the first time in ages today. Won’t be going back, which means the cafe at the top of the mountain won’t be getting any more $$ from me. Not their fault, but are a victim.

    The 40kmhr zone is utter madness.

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