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Rider killed as ute turns into carpark

DayGlo Queensland Police motorcycle rider

A 38-year-old male rider has died after a ute turned into a carpark across his path in Burpengary north of Brisbane today (27 October 2019).

Queensland Police say their preliminary investigations reveal that the ute was travelling north on the Bruce Highway Eastern Service Road around 11.20am before attempting to turn into a carpark.

“A motorbike travelling behind the ute then struck the side of the vehicle before colliding with a post,” police say.

The motorcyclist, a 38-year-old Burpengary East man, sustained significant injuries and was pronounced deceased at the scene.

The 69-year-old male driver of the vehicle and his female passenger were no seriously injured in the collision.

The Forensic Crash Unit is investigating.

Our sincere condolences to the rider’s family and friends.

Ute crashes

Without insinuating any blame it seems motorcycles have been involved in crashes with a lot of utes lately.

There were three separate crashes with utes in Queensland and NSW in July alone: Crash 1, crash 2, crash 3.

It could be a matter of lack of vision from utility vehicles.

Riders should be wary around utes, especially those with loads.


  1. The motorcycle was traveling at 3 times the limit and attempted to overtake when illegal.
    Sometimes it is just irresponsible riding.

    1. Is it that necessary for such comments a life was lost leaving behind a devastated family and friends including children….who will see these horrbile accounts your stating…nothing will stop their pain as he will never walk through the door again..
      So whilst yourself and other members of the the public gas bag about what was or wasn’t your just addinh more confusion and heartbreak…i truly hope you never find yourself trying to protect loved ones from seeing these tupes of comments from strangers regarding their uncle dad cousin son friend brother mow imagine their soul mate reading this how much can who heart and mind seriously take so i hope you will think before writing

      1. Hi Pau3 & readers,
        It’s a very sad loss for all & my heart goes out to the riders family & friends.
        Sadly however, my comment was questioning Brad’s comment, should have just ignored it, rather than question blame directed at a motorcyclist who just lost his life.
        My sincere regards to all, Angus

  2. Condolences to the family. Remember to take special care around shopping centers as Xmas and school holidays approach

  3. Very sad loss.
    We as motorbike riders have to seriously look at the vehicles that ‘may’ cross our path, because in a huge % of incidents, they simply do not look for us or see us. I experience this at least one a week 🙁

  4. Were you there Brad? Because other whitnesses were and no one stated 3 times the limit. He was not a reckless rider, an accident has happened, a life lost. As Pau3 said, family and friends will read these comments , it’s sad enough we’ve lost a loved one, let alone reading crap online about it. He was a decent
    happy fun loving guy who was loved by all, especially his son.

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