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Riders seek loyal, trusting friends

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Riders want riding partners and friends who are trustworthy and loyal, according to an independent survey of 1018 British bikers in March 2017.

It found trust was important for 70% and loyalty to 69%, but 75% of riders only get to see their close friends once every fortnight to a month.

About half claim they have one to three close riding friends and 12% admit they hardly ever see their mates.

So British motorcycle insurance broker Carole Nash has launched their #BikerBuddy campaign to create a data bank of riders aimed at matching them up for rides with like-minded bikers.

Even if you love riding solo, rather than in a group, it’s still a good way for riders to meet up with others at a cafe to share their love of motorcycling.

It would be a great way to size up a potential riding partner.

It’s very difficult for riders to find other suitable riding partners who share their same level of skill, regard for safety or thrill, and tastes in motorcycles and road types.Mods V Rockers ride regroups friends

Psychologist Dr Becky Spelman says it becomes harder as we get older to make new friends.

“One of the best ways to connect with others is through a shared interest, and biking can be a great way to make likeminded friends, as it’s so community-focused,” he says.

Motorcycle brand clubs bring riders together, but not everyone wants to belong to a club.

So the #BikerBuddy campaign could be a good venue for riders to find riding buddies.

Apart from motorcycle clubs, the only match-making group we know of in Australia for riders is the Single Lovers of Motorcycles Australia Wide (SLOMAW).

It’s a closed Facebook group created by Queenslander Susan Henderson to allow single people who love motorcycles to meet, go for rides and attend social functions.

The #BikeBuddy system is less interested in love-making and more concerned with bike-riding and friend-making.

If you’re British and you want to be involved in Carole Nash’s initiative, share a quick description of the type of rider you are, and what kind of biker buddy you’re looking for by tweeting @InsideBikes with #BikerBuddy or emailing