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Riders are the happiest commuters

Ex-thief advises on securing your bike London motorcycles tax happiest commuters rampant A British survey has found that riding a motorcycle makes you safer on a bicycle and vice versa, while other surveys show riders are the safest motorists. bike insurance vehicles

Motorcycle commuters are six times less stressed than other motorists, are late less often and spend less on the journey.

That’s according to two British surveys of 3000 commuters, but it’s obviously relevant in just about any city and nothing we riders didn’t already know.

The most recent study, commissioned by motorcycle insurance specialists Lexham Insurance, found that only 6% of riders found commuting stressful compared with 41% of drivers, 37% who took buses, 35% on trains and 26% on the underground.

It was even 2% fewer than cyclists.

One of the biggest gripes was arriving at work late because of traffic jams and public transport delays, neither of which impact on motorcyclists.

Bus lane in use in London lane filtering happiest commuters
Riders can use bus lanes in London. No wonder they’re happy!

The survey also found that Brits commute an average of seven miles (11km) a day for a working life total of 171,080 miles (275,326km) and spend £48,708.92 ($A80,508.20). About a third of that cost is on snacks while driving, a cost riders don’t incur.

The study follows a similar British survey last year commissioned by another motorcycle insurance firm that found 87.9% of motorcycle and scooter commuters believe they are happier than their colleagues.

Some 67.8% also said they believed commuting to work had a positive effect on their enthusiasm and ability to tackle work.

How to ride safely in heavy traffic lane filtering happiest commutersAnd why wouldn’t it?

Commuting by motorcycle is not only cheaper and more efficient, especially now with lane filtering (except in WA, Tasmania and NT), but also fun and challenging.

So when you arrive at work, you feel invigorated, rather than bored into a stupor because you have been sitting in a slow-moving car or crowded into public transport like sheep.

And it’s getting worse for other commuters with a Google study last year finding Australian commuter traffic speeds are now down to as low as an average of 29km/h in Sydney, 34km/h in Melbourne, 52km/h in Brisbane and 58km/h in Perth.

While the UK studies are no surprise to riders, it is surprising that more people don’t commute by motorcycle!