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Riders face tougher licence testing

Queensland adds hazard test

Learner rider - Calum demonstrates slow riding techniques safety contract business learn

Queensland learner riders and those upgrading their licences face even tougher and more expensive licensing requirements from 29 March 2021.

In moves that follow some other states, licensing of motorcycle riders becomes a little tougher with a hazard perception video test.

Here’s an example.

It’s not only a slightly tougher test, but also adds another fee of $21.30 to what is already quite an expensive exercise.

In fact, it can cost from $424.75 to $674.75 just to get your Queensland ‘learners’ motorcycle licence.

And that price excludes the other costs such as training and insurance.

The hazard test may also increase the length of time it takes to get a licence as riders have to hold a motorcycle learner licence for at least three months.

There is already a requirement in Queensland for learner riders to hold a car licence for at least a year before applying for a motorcycle licence.

Are we being sceptical when we think all these fees and tests are made to prevent people getting on motorcycles and scooters?

From 29 March to 1 July 2021, learner motorcycle licence holders must take the Q-Ride RE course or the Q-SAFE RE test before doing the hazard test.

After 1 July, they will have to pass the hazard perception test first.