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Riders cop abuse in bikie crackdown


A second funeral has been interrupted by police in the crackdown on declared criminal motorcycle clubs.
Like the Townsville incident, a recent Ipswich funeral did not involved any bikies, yet it was interrupted by a police office in “stormtrooper” blue gear who photographed the riders attending to honour the deceased wife of a club member.
In other examples of police harassment or ineptitude reported to MotorbikeWriter and the Motorcycle Riders Association of Queensland in the past few weeks:
* a 73-year-old woman riding a Harley 883 Sportster was pulled over by Ipswich police, but let go after she pulled her helmet off with no apology offered for the inconvenience;
* a Ulysses Club member has been told by police to “get rid of the vest” or risk being pulled over;
* at least two riders have been told to sell their bikes or they will continue to be pulled over;
* a rider was pulled over three times in 1500m by the same officer; and
* a social rider with no involvement in any declared outlaw motorcycle club has been pulled over a dozen times.
These examples seem to be the tip of the iceberg of civil rights breaches under new laws which Premier Campbell Newman claims are the world’s toughest anti-bikie legislation.
These laws make it either illegal or difficult to associate with these clubs, wear any of their insignia or ride in groups of three or more.
While the government has claimed some innocent riders may be inconvenienced, the real level of this “inconvenience” is only just starting to emerge.
But in the biggest affront to civil liberties, the so-called voluntary ride register may not be voluntary for long.
At a meeting with social ride clubs such as HOG and Ulysses last month Police Commissioner Ian Stewart suggested clubs notify the police first if they are planning any club rides to advise them of the number, destination, times and names and contact details of organisers.
The Australian Motorcycle Council and MRAQ said this was unacceptable.
Police replied that the register was voluntary and similar to the party register.
However, Keith Carnell of the Easy Riders Motorcycle Club has been told by police that they can expect to be pulled over unless they advise the police first.
“But we told them before we attended the funeral of a member’s wife, yet they still turned up and took photos of us,” he says.
“I went over and spoke to the officer and he said they had to check that no one percenters (outlawed bikies) attended.”
While riders may be “inconvenienced” while out on their bikes, it is advisable that they know what rights they still have left. Read the story here about what to do if pulled over by the police.
* Meanwhile, the Australian Motorcycle Council has established a fighting fund to support any High Court challenge to any of the anti-bikie legislations. To read more about the fund and to donate, click here.




  1. Thanks Mark for your continual updates of information, much appreciated!
    I truly trust that, like all of us, that the rank and file police officer gets a gutful of this stupidity and starts to buck the system. I am actually really beginning to resent the fact that our taxes are actually funding this nonsense, and I hope that all solicitors, barristers, magistrates and judges band together and put an end to this rubbish…..too many small businesses are suffering….not acceptable!

  2. I am a member of the biggest SMC it’s called ENJOYMENT of an AUSTRALIA BIKER. !! NOT OUTLAW I am outraged to think that my freedom is under attack and I believe that , yes there is a Quest that the law have got but do it the right way for the sake of all of the innocent rider , this is an absolute Disgrace and the government. And the law enforces should be held accountable for their actions cheers

  3. Does this mean that no 1%er will ever be able to attend a funeral of a family member or friend????

  4. It is so sad that we have come to this when there are people out there doing really bad things and there are not enough police but they can waste time doing the bidding of Mr Newman to hassle everyone on a bike or with tattoos waste as well as being a abuse of justice!

  5. And the Newman govt continues to say that new laws won’t be abused by police as in the Joh Bjelke-Petersen days.

  6. Time for a class action to be launched, everyone in QLD needs to come together and fight for your rights


  8. Sadly the Ulysses Club appears to be virtually supporting these laws by wanting to appear “middle of the road” and allowing a senior cop to come on a ride amongst other “soft” comments and faint criticism. I knew it would come back to bite them…you can’t calm down an angry pit bull by letting it chew on one of your friends instead of you while hoping it leaves you alone.

  9. Every time that a bike rider gets pulled over by the police he/she should register their complaint with there local member of parliament. Upon that inform said politician that if they want your vote in the next state election then perhaps they need to amend these unjustified laws,Nothing frightens a polly more than getting voted out of office,and loosing their big fat pension!Hound them like the cops hound all bike riders,That is the only way sanity will return to QLD..

  10. It’s time for bikers (as we call them here in Canada) to support and promote their own candidate for political office to safeguard rights of freedom.

  11. Je ne voterai pas pour un candidat qui affaiblirait la France en refusant d

    1. Hmm, according to Google translator, this incomplete sentence says: “I will not vote for a candidate who would weaken France by refusing d…” Anything more to add?

  12. I have no idea why they’re getting pulled over. They must be doing something wrong. I’ve been riding for a few years now and just about 40yo and never been pulled over. I have a GSX1400 and I ride to road rules and lawz. I’ve passed dozens of cops even RBT and never been pulled over.

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