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Riders blocking vehicles from passing

Riders blocking vehicles from passing
Riders block vehicles from passing

Video has emerged of two motorcycle riders allegedly blocking drivers from passing them on purpose.

The incident was recorded on dashcam on the Bruce Highway on Sunday between Maryborough and Childers, Queensland, and posted on the local “brickbats and bouquets” Facebook closed page.

However, you can view the video on the Bundaberg News Mail website by clicking here.

In the video, the highway changes from single lane to dual lanes and the two riders move into each lane, blocking the vehicle from overtaking.

The woman who posted the video says the riders were doing about 90km/h in a 100km/h zone.Riders blocking vehicles from passing

What is not clear from the video is whether the riders did it on purpose or were simply ignorant of traffic behind them.

Too many riders forget to look in their mirrors or aren’t aware what’s behind them because their arms are in the way of the mirrors. However, it appears the mirrors would provide a clear view in this case.

Road rage?

It is also not clear what happened before the video. Perhaps there was a road rage incident that caused the riders to react by blocking traffic.

That is no way to deal with road rage and could escalate the situation. Watching the video, we were expecting the motorists to dangerously pass in the gap between the riders.

Check this article for how to deal with road rage and the consequences of reacting.

In Queensland, motorists can cop a $76 fine and two demerit points for driving in the right lane without overtaking in areas with 90km/h or higher speed limits.

If the riders were simply arrogantly blocking motorists from passing them, then it is shameful behaviour that enforces the bad name that riders have in the community.

However, riders going too slow is an uncommon cause for complaint. Usually it’s the opposite!How to overtake traffic lane filtering passing

In fact, riders making dangerous overtaking manoeuvres is more common and covered in this article on how to do it safely and courteously.

  1. Good.
    Now those car drivers know exactly how most bikes feel about them & their stupid speed limits.

    The bikes probably went to sleep, droning along at a ridiculously low speed limit, & didn’t notice.
    Happens to everyone, except me, because I’m perfect 🙂

    Cars behind should turn lights on, low beam.
    If no response, a quick flash, high beam.
    If still no response, sit back & beam them.

    I always do this, & it’s rare that I have to beam them.
    If the cars behind didn’t do this, it’s their fault for sitting there & not telling the bikes in front they wished to pass.
    They’re not mind-readers.

    No ask No get.

    1. btw,
      the car appears to be travelling much too close to the bikes, putting 4 peoples lives at risk.
      If a semi was sitting that close to the car driver, I’m sure he’d be unhappy.
      The bikes’ behaviour (bloody cruisers) is merely annoying.

      Not a good idea for that driver to publicly display in the local media a video of himself following too close behind.
      He might get a ticket in the mail.

      Perhaps Snr Const Cross from Bundaberg could look into this? 🙂
      Does he think the car was travelling too close behind?

      The dangers of dashcams.
      People always think they’re right & everyone else is wrong.

  2. I regularly see people travelling 10 to 30 kph below the limit. But there’s a comment from police WHEN IT’S MOTORCYCLISTS?!

  3. Interestingly the dash cam only captures that annoying indiscretion, one asks ‘What happened previously?’

  4. Ok, so for the sake of argument lets assume the artical is accurate, such an incident could start the road rage, and guess who’s going to come off second best.

  5. What is not mentioned by anyone is the probability that the biker believed that they were traveling at the speed limit with a safe margin of error of three to five kph to avoid a speeding ticket. Very few speedometers are accurate to within three percent and until recently Australian design rules only required ten percent, so at ninety kph a speedo could be reading one hundred or more especially if someone had smaller tyres than what the vehicle was meant to have. So it is entirely possible that the bikes were reading one hundred or more and going slow or the car had too large tyres on and was reading ninety when it was doing one hundred there is no speed showing on the video so it’s either been trimmed off or the camera had no gps.

  6. Wife was run into from behind by a car with dashcam. Police confiscated car’s dashcam.

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