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Riders more attractive than drivers, survey

We already suspect that motorcycle riders are more attractive daring, adventurous and fun than drivers, but now a British online survey has confirmed our beliefs.

The survey of more than 1000 adults asked them to rate how attractive the opposite sex appears when dressed as motorcyclists, compared to plain driving attire.

In five out of six cases, members of the public dressed as motorcyclists were voted as more attractive than when dressed as drivers.
Survey 1
It’s not just levels of attractiveness which came out in favour of motorcyclists as riders are also seen to have positive personality traits.

The results showed that people who own a motorbike are viewed as adventurous by a third of the opposite sex (34%), closely followed by daring (28%) and fun (26%).

Unfortunately, it seems there are a lot of non-riders out there who have already worked out that motorcycle gear makes them more attractive, hence the abundance of pretend leather bike jackets.Survey 2

The survey found one in four males pretends to own a motorbike, with almost a third (31%) also saying they would go the whole way and learn to ride if they knew it would impress a potential partner. 

One surprising result of the survey found almost half of the males (44%) would feel comfortable being a pillion with a woman while only 34% of women say they would pillion with a male.

The over 65s are the most adventurous with 44% saying they would be happy to ride pillion compared with just 24% of 18-24 year olds.

The study was conducted by UK motorcycle insurance brokers Carole Nash who also conducted a survey last year that found riders are safer than drivers, would pass their licence test better and have better recognition of road signs.

A spokesman for the company says the latest survey was designed to change people’s perceptions of bikers and overturn any negative stereotypes