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Rider t-bones another lane-filtering rider

Lane filtering t-bones crash

A rider crossing a lane to filter between traffic t-bones another lane-filtering rider in this video released by the Queensland Department of Transport.

The Department posted the video on Facebook with this message:

You’re only allowed to lane filter in Queensland if you hold an open licence for the motorcycle you’re riding, your speed when filtering is 30km/h or less and it’s safe to do so.

We’re not sure if the riders are fully licensed, but they do not seem to be going over 30km/h.

As for the safety, the fact one t-bones the other seems to suggest it is not safe.

Illegal manoeuvre

Also, the rider on the right of the screen is illegally filtering up a merge lane and over painted chevrons.

Their message probably should have pointed that out.

You can only ride on a painted traffic island for up to 50m to enter or leave the road, enter a turning lane that begins immediately after the island or overtake a cyclist.

You must also not drive on a painted traffic island if the island is surrounded by double continuous lines and/or separates traffic flowing in the same direction—like an onramp in this situation.Lane filtering forum act extends bosch borders

RACQ safety officer and Bonneville rider Steve Spalding says it is not only against the law, but dangerous.

“The rider could find themselves trapped between merging vehicles with no room to escape the situation,” he says.

The rider also should have looked behind him when moving into the gap between the lanes.

There are many dangers as well as challenges in lane filtering, but one danger we may overlook is fellow lane-filtering riders.

Click here to find out how to filter safely with other riders.

Remember, riders are not obliged to lane filter. It is an option and they should only do it if they feel safe.

They should also study the rules in their state first as they vary from state to state.


  1. The dangerous move was when the rider to the right of the screen switched lanes , from the merging lane to between lanes one and two , without looking , not the filtering . Once again they fail to identify the actual error , yes lane filtering is risky , all motorcycle riding is , you must have your wits and eyes all around you at all times , use your mirrors look around you , pay attention to everything , you never know where the danger will come from .

  2. Lane filtering / splitting should be illegal. In my experience on the road, I’ve noticed many riders whom risk their life to save a couple of seconds. Whether the driver of a vehicle that impacts the motorcycle is right or wrong, the motorcyclists will always come off second best. And apparently, lane filtering / splitting reduces congestion. I strongly disagree with this as two motorcycles out of a thousand vehicles is not reducing congestion. It simply puts them at the front of the que and the cars have to wait longer. I’ve seen many petrol scooter riders do lane filtering / splitting in an unsafe manner and I’m sure they don’t hold an open motorcycle licence, as they clearly do not know the law. This may be a result of the lack of awareness of the laws relating to lane filtering / splitting. Either way, I think the risk far outweighs the benefit. I’ve seen wing mirrors knocked off cars, the rider continues on and the driver is stuck with a broken mirror and no way of contacting the rider to pay for the damage caused. This is Australia and some riders, especially the petrol scooter riders, think they live in Thailand!

    1. While I agree that many of the scooter riders are dimwits who got their license of a cereal box and are a danger to themselves and other riders filtering is not unsafe it is actually safer for the rider than pretending to be a car. How does filtering benefit you?
      A filtering bike reduces congestion and benefits car drivers because they are not cars.
      Because bikes can filter more people who want to get through traffic faster ride taking a car off the road only a complete idiot can not see that! By endangering their lives just a bit more than you by riding instead of driving congestion is reduced. You might have to wait half a second more fore the queue of bikes to move off at the lights but imagine if they were all cars instead of waiting half a second you’d be stuck in traffic for multiple light changes before moving on.
      Broken mirrors are caused by idiot drivers not leaving a gap as they should know to do by now so it is only fair that they pay for their own mistakes.

      1. I was with you until you blamed car drivers for mirrors broken by filtering riders. You’re completely wrong and being selfish here. If you can’t filter, stop and wait for the next gap. Have the same respect for other drivers that you’re expecting from them.

  3. Filtering over painted medians has its own set of dangers such as , oil debris nails and people who don’t expect anything to be there and cut over them without looking such as the idiot who caused the crash! But apart from that Any bit of road that gives you space and a clear view should be allowed to be used for filtering. The current rules in all states are written with the idea of revenue first control second and safety third. If they were written with traffic flow and safety in mind there would be far less restrictions and the fines would only apply to doing things that are genuinely dangerous.

  4. What the actual fluff is wrong with you turkeys!?!??
    Has Australia’s riders and driving standards become so seriously bad that you don’t know how to control a machine in some of the most simplist situations anymore? We have become a Nanny State full of Nannys.
    Stop ya whinging and complaining. Yous all remind me of a little girl on a pink pushbike with all the safety gear and the reflectors and pink streamers and ya have a 0.5 km/h stack and yous get a little scratch on ya finger and you can’t stop crying like a little girl!
    The bureaucracy and red tape yous all come up with is strangling this country
    Man up. Stop being millennials and learn how to ride properly!

  5. I drive the M1 Qld regularly & on the road all day as I work as a rep. Iam quite suprised this hasn’t happened before. The bike riders on the M1 especially north bond are insane. Lane splitting at 80k an hour is insane. I have seen so many near misses. These guys take no notice of 30k lane splitting speed limit. Iam not against motorcyclists as I have ridden for years, but I try not to ride like an idiot

  6. a) I’m with Michael – he’s hit the nail!
    b) For Ben Griffiths, the main benefit isn’t saving a couple of seconds, it’s not being hit from behind by an inattentive driver… it doesn’t happen often, but once is enough and is one of the reasons that filtering was legalised… Plus, that motorcycle at the front of the queue will probably never be seen again by the cars behind it at the lights because it is gone – efficiently through the traffic… unless you pass it after it has been run down by a different inattentive driver.
    c) Where did the anti-scooter rant come from? A scooter is just a motorcycle with storage built in. I ride a Vespa 250 to work and a K1300S if I’m out for a weekend ride or trip away. Does my license suddenly shift origin when the practical bike is selected? The idiot is the one under the helmet, not the bike they are riding…

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