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Rider slams Queensland Police hypocrisy

U-turn rider slams police hypcrisy crash accident traffic offence white line

A rider who hit a car doing an illegal u-turn across double white lines is claiming police hypocrisy for inaction while fining him for allegedly clipping an unbroken white line in a separate incident.

Tristan Holland says the two different approaches by Queensland Police smack of hypocrisy.

Earlier this year, Tristan was fined for allegedly clipping an unbroken white line at the end of a painted traffic island on Centenary Motorway.

He claims he didn’t touch the white line and is challenging the matter in court on 16 October 2019. (Update: the court upheld the fine)

Police are relying on blurry photographic evidence from a body cam taken about 90m from the scene.

Tristan Holland police hypocrisy
Police infringement notice photo

Police hypocrisy

Meanwhile, he says a driver who caused him to crash his motorcycle into their car after dangerously crossing a painted traffic island has not been fined by police.

“This morning I had a car do an illegal u-turn off a ‘turn left with care’ slip road right in front of me leaving me with nowhere to go,” says Tristan who was “battered and bruised”.

His 2016 Suzuki Hayabusa was damaged, but still rideable.

Tristan Holland police hypocrisy
Tristan’s Busa at the scene of the crash

He reported the crash to Police Link, but says it was deemed a “non-reportable traffic incident” because no one was taken away in an ambulance.

“That means the QPS will not investigate nor issue any infringement notice to the driver,” Tristan says.

U-turn rider slams police hypcrisy crash accident traffic offence
Red Busa dent on door

“There is no doubt the crash occurred because of the damage to the car’s door and my bike, plus the driver admitted fault to his insurance company.

“So why no infringement notice?U-turn rider slams police hypcrisy crash accident traffic offence

“I find it interesting that QPS will not investigate this, but will hound drivers/riders for allegedly crossing a solid white line based on questionable video footage from 90m away.

“So if you break the law, cause an accident, provided no one is injured, then you don’t loose any demerit points.

“But, if you break the law, hurt no one and police have video footage you are treated like a criminal.”

Update: The driver has admitted liability.

  1. About 10 years ago I was hit by a car on the roundabout in front of McDonald’s Cleveland, while on my way to work at 8pm. At the time ramping at our hospitals was excessive and the ambulance officers didn’t want to get stuck waiting there, so I had to ring an amulance to take me and my bike($2500 worth that I didn’t want to leave on the side of the road. I found out later that I had a broken wrist plus multiple bruises and $600 damage to my bike. They stuffed my compo by not taking me to the hospital and the female officer gave me licence details for the person at fault yet those details turned out to be false and after shifting away from the area to recuperate they thought I disappeared, only this is my home town!? After correlating the evidence on my phone I contacted a person in charge at Cleveland Police and they were surprised I had corrobarative information on my phone to prove the officer was lying, unfortunately I only asked for her to be educated, not sacked. To say that police do things by the law is a joke, the person that hit me had stopped at the roundabout and proceded through saying she couldn’t see the $300 set of lights that I put on my bike for the half hour journey, if you can’t see that then you won’t see a moped, why are they on the road?

  2. You always take the ambulance ride and waste the several hours in hospital to be told you’re bruised and battered but OK.
    For three or more reasons you do this.
    ONE in case you aren’t okay.
    Two in case it costs you time off work.
    Three so the cops have to charge the idiot who caused the trouble.

  3. I was fined for over taking on the left of a provocative antagonistic cyclist who decided he wanted the whole road to purposely block traffic (enough for 2 parked and still 2 passing lanes) admitting this so as to protect himself from danger. Illogical. The police had video from the cyclist of me stopping/ parking next to him as he stopped in the middle of the road. Then leaving ahead of him still stopped. They fined me not him. The officer who charged me was an avid cyclist and triathlete on his FB page.
    Just shows the right and wrong of the law is only as good as the bias of the officer.

  4. Tangle with QPS traffic cops at your peril.
    They have a way of making you wish you hadn’t.

  5. The whole concept of police not attending a “non-reportable traffic incident” needs to be changed. In many instances these are near misses that could easily have resulted in a fatality to a motorcyclist, and quite often the offence commited is a serious one. If the government is serious about reducing death and injury on our roads, police must investigate all accidents and take appropriate action if an offence has been commited.

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