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Rider, 64, dies after crashing into ditch

Ducati ditch crash police

A 64-year-old male rider has died after crashing into a ditch near Kempsey on the NSW mid-north coast about 12.15pm yesterday (Saturday 31 August 2019).

NSW Police say he was riding his Ducati along Gowlings Hill Road towards the intersection of Dondingalong Road, Dondingalong.

“As the man attempted to negotiate the bend, he appears to have lost control, leaving the roadway, and crashing into a ditch,” police say.

“The man was thrown from the motorcycle and was seriously injured. The man was assisted by members of the public until emergency services arrived.”

He was taken to Port Macquarie Hospital where, sadly, he died.

Our condolences to the man’s family and friends.

Concern about police crash reports

NSW motorcycle police - scrooge
MBW comment

Since police will prepare a brief for the Coroner it is presumptuous of them to assume the circumstance of this crash.

There are many other possible explanations including mechanical failure, stray livestock or wildlife, especially in this rural area, or another vehicle.

Our concern is that references to riders “losing control” creates the impression in the public’s mind that riders are reckless or careless.

Statistically, riders are the most likely motorists to be involved in a crash.

However, statistics also show that at least half of all motorcycle crashes involve another vehicle.

And it could be much higher.

If another vehicle causes a motorcyclist to crash, but then leaves the scene, it is considered a single-vehicle accident.

We have recently reported on a number of hit-and-run crashes involving motorcycles, so what about those incidents where another vehicle caused the crash, but did not hit the rider?

This sort of scenario is difficult to prove, but if police make reference to the possibility another vehicle or animal is involved, then it is a fairer assessment of a motorcycle crash where the cause is not known.

It would also provide the public with a fairer view of motorcycle crashes and may educate them to look out for vulnerable riders.

Currently, biased police reporting of motorcycle crashes such as this only serve to demonise riders in the eyes of the public.

How can we expect other motorists to look out for riders or be concerned about our vulnerability if they think we are careless or have a death wish?

  1. This situation gives merit to allowing riders to have cameras attached to their helmets without incurring fines

  2. More likely scenario is that someone did a SMIDSY and pulled out of that side road without looking/giving way and motorcyclist was forced to take evasive action and head for the ditch. Other driver continues and there is no evidence of what happened.

  3. Do you think that there is probably a point where you should stop riding? 64 just seems stupid. Would you run a marathon or even something highly intellectual like lead the FBI in a criminal hunt at that age? The people that just won’t let go are what gives motorcycle riders a bad name. The police couldn’t care less, they just tell it how they see it (like most people).

    1. Sounds like Irwin is tired of having greybeards whip past him on the twisties. What a choad.

    2. I knew this man, he was fit and healthy, physically strong. He was not stupid. He was a lovely person, a much-loved husband, father, grandfather and friend. His family are devastated and he doesn’t deserve condemnation from people like you who didn’t know him.

      As for 64 being too old to run marathons or attempt intellectually challenging tasks – I’ve seen plenty of older runners and I think you’ll find the over 60 age group well-represented as medical specialists, surgeons, top lawyers, CEOs etc.

      1. Irwin Chou I know many riders older than 64 still ride, age has nothing to do with the situation.. my great aunt once removed Legendary Dot Robinson was still riding her Harley Davidson at the ripe old age of 84. First woman to ride the width of the USA..

  4. I would never condemn another rider, so if the comment was personal to you, I sincerely apologise as that was not my intent.

    I know there are marathon runners and CEO’s over the age of 64. As riders the question is rarely wheather you can or can’t but rather if you should.

    I can and have lane splt at 150+kph but should I? Another example would be when we pull over for police.

    I have no doubt there is a piece of the puzzle missing as I don’t believe any experienced rider would simply ride into a ditch on a public road.

    My previous boss / mentor / friend who sparked my passion in riding, knew that when she dropped her bike at the lights, it was time to throw in the towel. I don’t believe it is a line in the sand, but my point is how do you know and more specifically shouldn’t it be something that is at the very least considered?

    1. Just walk away from the keyboard irwin,you are not qualified to post and the readers aren’t qualified to deal with people like you.print your comments out and read them in 10 years time when you have a bit more “perspective”.

        1. Let me make it clear,if i were to say” im not qualified to deal with you”-it means that i think you(in this case irwin) have such a profound level of arrogance and ignorance that i(and quite possibly most readers) lack the skills to reason with or even tolerate not having a go at anyone other than irwin,i dont beleive, given the resounding tone of responses to irwins comments by the majority of posters,that anyone has much time for his comments.i do speak for myself…it just so happens i agree with a lot of the other posters.again read the full message to get the context/tone of my comments.

          1. I’m not qualified to read your 5th grade trash. Stay in school kid, you are the only ignorant / arrogant person here.

            Every other comment has been somewhat constructive, however your comment really illustrates your utter ignorance and arrogance to even post such illiterate crap.

  5. I knew this man. He was a fit, healthy, active and strong person. Surfed every day. He was definitely not stupid. He was a dearly loved husband, father, grandfather, friend. He deserves better than people like Irwin Chou insinuating he deserved to die for riding a bike at 64.
    As for the age thing – have a look around at people in positions of authority. Surgeons, specialists, CEOs, judges, lawyers. I’ll guarantee you’ll see a whole lot of over 60s in those groups. Maybe tell Mick Jagger and Keith Richards they’re too old to rock anymore. See what kind of response you get.
    We’re brokenhearted right now. Is it too much to expect some support from the riding community? – if that’s what you call yourselves, I have no idea, don’t ride.

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