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REV’IT! Ventura Pants

Rev'it Ventura Pants Review

REV’IT! Ventura Pants
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Ventura Pants Review Summary
Review Summary

Are you looking for women’s protective riding pants to wear in a wide range of weather conditions?

Look no further!

Touted as multi-functional, all-season riding pants, the Rev’it Ventura pants have ProLife CE-approved armor, a removable waterproof liner and a removable thermal liner.

It’s like getting four pairs of pants in one!

Chances are you’ve read Part 1, the Rev’it Ventura jacket review…so I will try to avoid being redundant.

To summarize, I wanted a woman’s insulated jacket and pants for colder weather riding — and I found them!

The Rev’it Ventura Pants are fabulous for cold weather and thanks to the removable liners they work in warm weather too!

Revi't Ventura Pants Front and Rear


Rev’it Ventura Pants – Sizing and Fit

As I mentioned in the Ventura jacket review, there seems to be a sizing difference between the textile and leather Rev’it clothing. For example, I normally wear a size 38 long, like the Rev’it Marryl pants (review), but the size 36 long in the Ventura  pants fit the same.

Motorcycle pants should fit snugly with both liners installed; with the liners removed, the shell will be roomy but will still fit appropriately, and that’s how I judged the fit of both pairs of pants.

One good thing about the Rev’it women’s gear is that it is designed specifically for women. No downsized men’s “unisex” gear here! For the most part, motorcycle pants are too short for me, yet some women have the opposite problem. Rev’it knows that women’s legs are not all the same length, however.

For example, the Ventura pants come in three lengths: regular, short, and long. The inseam on the size 36 long is 33 inches (83.8 cm). Rev’it currently lists six pairs of ladies riding pants on their U.S. website, and five of those are offered in three lengths. Besides comfort, the correct length will also help the knee armor to be positioned in the right place.

At the upper end, the Rev’it Ventura pants have a high waist — they reach my belly button — and the back is higher than the front. This keeps the lower back covered and protected no matter the riding position.  The pants have a regular or “tour” fit, but they also work nicely on my sportbike.

Waist adjustment straps with pull tabs let the rider make the pants as snug as she’d like. Accordion stretch panels at the lower back and above the knee allow the rider to move with ease. The Ventura pants have a boot cut with a double row of Velcro at the hem to adjust the width. Zippers at the calf unzip to just below the knee, making it easy to get in and out of my motorcycle boots.

Protection and Visibility

The Ventura pants are made with a water-resistant 500 denier shell, just like the Ventura jacket. This is claimed to be a high-performance textile that is very durable and resistant to abrasion and tearing.

All of the seams on the pants are double-stitched to prevent ripping open. For added protection, the Ventura pants have the hiqh-quality ProLife CE-approved armor at the knees and perforated EVA foam at the hips.

The position of the knee armor can be adjusted inside the protector pockets — a nice feature. The pants also have the laminated reflective strips found on the jacket. On the pants, the strips are located along the lower legs and they are very bright under lights and can be seen from any angle.  It’s nice to know that drivers will see you at night!

Rev'it Ventura Pants Leg Cuff

Liners and Ventilation

Just like with the Ventura Jacket, the Ventura Pants can be worn a variety of ways to suit the rider in most weather conditions:

  1. Outer shell with both liners installed.
  2. Shell with thermal liner only.
  3. Shell with Hydratex waterproof/windproof liner only.
  4. Shell with both liners removed.

The removable thermal liner runs the full length of the pants and it attaches with zippers at both the waist and the cuffs. This liner can be worn with or without the Hydratex liner attached. The removable Hydratex liner is both windproof and waterproof.

Different colored zippers on the liners make it easy to know where to attach the liners to the shell. Taped seams and gussets keep air and water out; but don’t let that fool you, moisture can still escape from the three-layer Hydratex membrane.

The Hydratex liner also zips into the pants at the waist and it can be used with or without the thermal liner. The Ventura pants have a permanent full mesh lining for comfort when both liners are removed. As the temperatures rise, one or both liners can be removed and the 7.5 inch (19 cm) long thigh vents can be opened for ventilation.

Rev'it Ventura Pants Seated


More Details

The front of the Ventura pants have slit pockets that are 6 inches (15 cm) wide and 5.5 inches (14 cm) deep. These are convenient for holding keys, lip balm, money, etc.

Either the short or long attachment zippers can be used to connect the pants to the Ventura jacket or to any other Rev’it women’s jacket for that matter. All of the zippers used on the Ventura jacket and the pants are YKK brand and the waist has two spring-loaded snaps to keep the pants securely fastened.


Much to my delight, I have been able to ride in temperatures up to fifteen degrees colder than I can with my other jacket and pants combinations.

As I mentioned also in the Ventura jacket review, I feel the cold quickly. I feel comfortable riding while wearing only a base layer underneath the Ventura outfit in 46 degree (7 C) weather around town, although as with the jacket, after about an hour and a half I get a little chilled.

In temperatures of around 50-54 degrees (10-12 C) I am able to handle freeway speeds without getting cold, unless I’m riding in the shade of the mountain or by the river.

Once the temperatures become warm enough to shed the base layers, I can wear a T-shirt and shorts under the Ventura outfit with both liners installed. Over about 65 degrees (18 C), I’ll remove the liners and even open the leg vents for more ventilation.

Even though I tried to avoid it, I got caught in some light rain and the water beaded on the surface of the Ventura outfit but it did not get through to the waterproof Hydratex liner and I stayed completely dry.

The Rev’it Ventura pants come in two colors that coordinate with the three colors offered in the Ventura Jacket.

Rev'it Ventura Pants Waist and Liners


Wear the Rev’it Ventura pants on cold, wet mornings, warm, dry days and everything in between. The Ventura pants and the jacket have a lot of benefits: a fit specifically tailored for females; the ProLife CE-approved armor; hip padding; removable mix-and-match waterproof and thermal liners; waist adjustability; and your choice of length and color. Why settle for less?


June 2011: I failed to mention that the silver-colored pants and jacket will show dirt more easily than the black versions. After riding through swarms of mosquitoes and in heavy rain behind vehicles kicking up oil and dirt from the road, my Ventura Pants are visibly dirty.

A damp cloth did nothing in my attempts to clean up the pants, which will need to be hand-washed and line-dried according to wash and care instructions (remove the liners and armor first). On the other hand, my black Ventura Jacket cleaned up easily with a damp cloth and still looks great.

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