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Revit Motorcycle Clothing 2005

Revit Motorcycle Clothing 2005

Airvent Mesh Pants

One of the toughest jobs for any company is developing and releasing a product line into an established market.  There are so many obstacles to consider, like developing and executing a marketing strategy, establishing brand recognition and implementing a distribution and logistics network.

Actually, designing and manufacturing the products is probably the (relatively speaking, of course) easiest part of the job.

Ultimate Pants

It also takes huge gobs of money.  The market for motorcycle clothing is dominated by a handful of players in a tightly controlled distribution network.  The competition is fierce, with new players coming on line every day.

We must get a dozen emails per week from manufacturers all over the world, asking if we’d like to buy containers full of boots, gloves, jackets and everything in between.  Although the quality is probably awful, some riders find it hard to resist the rock bottom prices.

Cayenne Jacket

There are problems on the demand side also.  It almost seems as if there are too many products for the number of motorcyclists who are potential consumers.  If the motorcyclists I see are any indication, there’s not much of a demand for anything more than shorts, a T-shirt and a pair of fingerless gloves.

So I’ve got to give a lot of credit to Rev’it! for their gumption in tackling the impossible — establishing a worldwide presence with high-quality motorcycle apparel in an overcrowded market.

The meek would have come out with a shallow product line, and it it didn’t work, they’d go running for home.  Rev’it! has  attacked with vigor and fortitude — and seemingly endless capital — body-slamming the competition by raising the bar higher and higher with each new release.

Fusion Boots

This latest batch includes the long-awaited (by me anyway) Airvent mesh pants to match the nice Airflow mesh jacket; the Cayenne 3/4 length all-singing-and-dancing jacket, with enough new and interesting features to make it a real challenge to describe with mere words.

The Cayenne has a BMW-ish world-tour look that works perfectly with the Tiger, R1200GS or your choice of mega enduro.  Then there’s the new Ultimate pants, which are a perfect match for the Cayenne, and the Ultimate gloves, which are basically an update of the successful Ultra gloves we reviewed a while back.

Ultra H20 Gloves

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg – just about the whole product line has been refined over the last year or so.  We don’t know of any other motorcycle clothing manufacturer that works so hard at keeping their product line fresh and exciting.  These folks are out to own the market, no doubt.

But wait, there’s more:  you’d expect that more features would mean more money.  But Rev’it! prices seem to have dropped, and some of the items are downright bargains, like the new Fusion motorcycle boots.

There are so many features to describe that we’re trying something new: we’ve split the individual reviews into separate articles, each with its own slide show with 500 pixel wide detail photos (see the right-hand column on this page and each review page for links).

If we get comments from visitors on this new batch of Rev’it! products, we’ll post them below on this introduction page.


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