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REV’IT! Alpha RF Pants Review

Street Chinos for Motorcycling The REV'IT! Alpha RF ("Regular Fit") chinos are actually motorcycle pants.

REV’IT! Alpha RF Pants
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Alpha RF Pants Review Summary
Review Summary

But you — nor anyone else — would ever know it!

Hidden underneath that 10 oz. Cordura stretch denim is the REV’IT! PWR shield cut, tear and abrasion-resistant fabric, double in the knees and seat.

Also included are the clever SEESMART CE Level 1 rated lightweight knee protectors.

There are pockets in the hips for more SEESMART protectors, available as a 20 buck option.

Triple and double stitching abounds, along with extra strength belt loops, doubled in the rear and the left front.

The Alpha RF chinos have to be the best-looking, most stealthy motorcycle riding pants available today and they’re an excellent match with the sharp REV’IT! Westport overshirt (review) for style with function.

REV'IT! Westport Overshirt and Alpha Jeans
Match the Westport overshirt with the REV’IT! Alpha RF chinos (review) for a great-looking riding outfit you can easily wear to work.


Once again, REV’IT! has been pushing the envelope on combining style with fashion and function to motorcycle riders with the ever-expanding lineup of REV’IT! urban clothing.

While not everyone wants to move away from highly technical and protective riding apparel, don’t forget that there may be just as many motorcycle riders or potential riders who just don’t dig the Mad Max look either.

We think having a choice is a wonderful thing and, in fact, if it brings more young, old and/or new riders into the sport, all the better.

Like the Westport overshirt and the entire REV’IT! Urban clothing lineup (we’ve been big fans), the Alpha RF chinos are what might be categorized as lightly protective, stylish yet functional clothing for motorcyclists.

The REV’IT! Alpha RF chinos are not only stylish, they have better protection than any street jeans you can buy and probably equal to or better than most of the jeans designed for motorcycling.

REV'IT! Alpha RF Chinos Waist Button

The REV’IT! Alpha RF Chinos

These are called “chinos” in the REV’IT! catalog, because their not the typical blue or black type of denim found in your typical jeans.

The chino fabric is cotton Cordura and it has a lick of stretch textile added, with Coolmax for comfort.

The bottom line with the Alpha RF pants is that they’re the most comfortable motorcycle pants either of us have ever worn.

You literally would not know these are motorcycle pants and the styling is such that it’s a sure bet that even non-motorcyclists will want a pair.

The textile is relatively soft and comfy and will probably become more so over time.

The Alpha RF chinos come in black or the camel color shown here; we prefer the camel because black is, well, black. And camel looks like chinos.

External Features

In a nod to fashion over function, the Alpha RF chinos have a metal button at the waist.

No, it’s not rubber covered but it’s also not a big deal, because you’ll probably be wearing a jacket over these anyway to ride and the waist will under that.

Besides, a rubberized button would ruin the street clothes look…

The fabric is heftier than a pair of dress chinos; perhaps the same weight as a pair of sturdy jeans.

There’s a metal zipper under the fly opening  and the classic 5 pockets you’d find on a pair of jeans, all nicely finished, especially in the rear, with extra stitching and finishing around the horizontal opening.

One thing we would wish for is buttons or hidden snaps on the rear pockets, to prevent wallet fall-out.

REV’IT! probably wanted a sleek look in the rear, but if your wallet goes flying off the back of the bike when you’re leaned over, well, let’s just hope that never happens.

There’s even a little coin pocket stitched in the right side front pocket, but it could be/should be bigger also to make it more useful. Although nowadays, these are probably more of a habit of tradition rather than being something useful.

REV'IT! Alpha RF Chinos Legs

Sizing and Fit

The “RF” in the Alpha RF chinos label means “Regular Fit”, but if these are regular, the “SF” or Slim Fit (we’re making that up) must be for toothpicks.

Obviously, the target market is young professionals or something, because the lower legs are pretty narrow.

Nevertheless, they fit both Burn and I pretty nicely; maybe I’m just not used to super-slim pant legs. Seems like just yesterday, baggy was in, no?

The waist on this size 36 is perfectly sized, although obviously anyone with a larger than average gut will need to size accordingly.

The Alpha RF pants come in lots of sizes, from a tiny 24 waist up to 38 in regular length (about 34″); 30 to 38 waist in short (32″) length and 32 to 38 inch waist in long (36″) lengths.

Bottom line, the size 36 regular fits perfectly, something unusual in REV’IT! trousers.


The Alpha RF chinos have the standard 5 pocket jeans type, with two slash front pockets, two rear horizontal pockets and the coin pocket.

There’s nothing at all unusual in the waist, pockets or design and the Alpha RF chinos will completely pass for regular street clothing, no problem.

REV'IT! Westport Overshirt Seesoft Protectors
Removable REV’IT! “SEESMART” CE Level 1 protectors are included for the knees. Hip protectors are a $20.00 option.
You can buy a pair of SEESMART hip protectors to add to the built-in pockets in the Alpha RF chinos and it would have been nice if REV’IT! had included them with the pants.

REV'IT! Alpha RF Chinos Liner
REV’IT! PWR shield abrasion-resistant liner in the Alpha RF chinos.
REV'IT! Alpha RF Chinos Pockets


The Alpha RF chinos are lined with the REV’IT! PWR shield cut, tear and abrasion-resistant fabric (black in the photos).

It’s double-strength in the seat and knees and it actually makes for a comfortable lining — more comfortable than just the chino fabric alone.

This probably gives the Alpha RF pants better abrasion resistance than most or all street jeans, so there.


There’s a small vertical strip of highly reflective tape on the inside rear pant cuff that only shows if you roll up the cuffs.

Cost and Comparisons

While the Westport overshirt seems a bit dear at 300 bucks, the Alpha RF chinos have a list price of $199.99, which is about the going rate for a decent pair of name-brand lined motorcycle jeans.

Yes, if you compare them to a pair of, say, Dockers chinos, the Alpha RF pants are expensive. But who wants to wear a pair of Dockers riding a motorcycle?


The Alpha RF chinos are just the ticket for super-stealthy motorcycle wear. It’s pretty much guaranteed that not a soul at work will ever know you’re wearing motorcycle pants and, in fact, you’ll probably get complimented on your new-found fashion sense.

Pair them with the Westport overshirt for the ultimate street-smart motorcycle riding outfit.

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