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REV’IT! 2015 Spring/Summer Clothing

A New Year Brings New Gear and REV'IT! Updates

Review Summary

I’ve been closely following REV’IT! since the Netherlands-based company first started selling motorcycle clothing in the U.S. over a decade ago.

This has provided me with a unique perspective in learning how the various products evolve over time.

For example, the original REV’IT! Cayenne jacket (review) from 2005 was announced just around the time that the Adventure-Touring boom really took off.

Here’s a little secret: after all this time, that original Cayenne jacket is still my favorite go-to gear when it’s too cold for anything else!

The Cayenne became the Cayenne Pro (review) and begat progeny like the Rev’it Off-Track jacket (review), the REV’IT! Sand jacket (review) and Sand II jacket (review) and more.

Those jackets were leading edge at the time, bringing features that motorcyclists now take for granted: water-resistant zippers, laminated reflective striping, folding chest vents, removable sleeves, Superfabric and more.

Well, the karmic wheel has come full circle, because the Cayenne Pro is back! REV’IT! has many other updates and new products in the spring/summer 2015 lineup, which I previewed back in August of 2014 but can just now discuss.

It I had to use just a couple of words to describe the 2015 REV’IT! clothing line, here are two: “refined” and “technical”. All of the gear — jackets, pants, gloves, race suits and the rest — seem to have a new combination of styling and refinement that continues the evolution of the REV’IT! history I’ve been following for many years.

Let’s take a look at just a few of the new products for 2015 in this quick, photo-focused preview. Note that there may be some minor detail changes when the final production versions are released. All of the new REV’IT! 2015 Spring and Summer gear will be available for dealers to order starting February 1, 2015.

REV’IT! Dominator GTX Jacket

REV'IT! Dominator GTX Jacket
REV’IT! Dominator GTX jacket. Note the abrasion-resistant Gore-Tex Talisman “dots” on the shoulders.

REV’IT! Dominator GTX Jacket

The REV’IT! adventure-touring line has been evolved over the last decade with input and feedback from owners. The REV’IT! Dominator GTX (review) will be the new top-of-the-line REV’IT! jacket for 2015 and as such, it includes all of the latest high-end features.

These include the Gore-Tex Pro shell, reinforced with Gore-Tex Pro Armacor and Gore-Tex Pro Talisman fabric and more. The Dominator GTX comes with a detachable kidney belt and it has the ability to connect a neck brace (like the Moveo neck brace shown below) or the REV’IT! Challenger cooling vest. The REV’IT! Connector High-Visibility Vest (review) can also attach.

The Dominator GTX also includes the new REV’IT! SEEFLEX Level 2 protectors (shown below) in the shoulders and elbows and a Seesoft Level 2 back protector insert (the type RV).

The jacket features the “tour” fit and includes the REV’IT! VCS Aquadefence vents in front with a VCS zipper in the front, back, upper arms and underarms. The FidLock magnetic snaps are used in the front vents and, of course, the Dominator GTX has plenty of pockets, including a secret hidden pocket, the location of which I won’t reveal!

The REV’IT! Dominator GTX list price is $1,249.00.

REV’IT! Dominator GTX Gloves

REV'IT! Dominator GTX Gloves
REV’IT! Dominator GTX summer gloves.
REV'IT! Dominator GTX Gloves Wrist Close-up
The Dominator GTX gloves use a new type of webbing as a wrist strap .
REV'IT! Dominator GTX Gloves Gauntlet
Topside on the Dominator GTX gloves. List price is $269.99.

REV’IT! Dominator GTX Summer Gloves

The new REV’IT! Dominator GTX summer gloves match the Dominator GTX jacket but will work with anything. These appear to have plenty of protection, with a combination of goatskin, Pittards “Diamond WR100X” and good ol’ cow hide.

Of course, the GTX designation means these have Gore-Tex for a waterproof guarantee and they also include something called “Gore Grip” technology.

The most obvious difference is the unique cinch system on the lower part of the wrist, as seen in the photos above. We’ll have a pair of these for review also.

REV’IT! Defender Pro GTX Jacket

REV'IT! Defender Pro GTX Jacket
REV’IT! Defender Pro GTX jacket.
REV'IT! Noveo Brace
Optional Moveo neck brace on the Defender Pro GTX jacket.

2015 REV’IT! Defender Pro GTX Jacket

Next up in the 2015 lineup, going from top-of-the-line down, is the Defender Pro GTX jacket. The Defender Pro GTX is an update of the REV’IT! Defender GTX jacket (review), a webBikeWorld 2010 Motorcycle Product of the Year award winner.

The original Defender GTX was supposed to replace the Cayenne Pro but, as you can see below, the Cayenne Pro is back for 2015.

The Defender Pro GTX doesn’t have the waterproof Gore-Tex Pro Shell outer layer; instead it relies on a Gore-Tex detachable membrane, preferred by some motorcyclists because removing the liner when it isn’t needed allows the potential for more and better air flow.

The Defender GTX includes a separate Exkin Air insulating liner (removable) and the REV’IT! SEEFLEX Level 2 protectors in the shoulders and elbows. An optional Seesoft Level 2 back protector insert is available and the Defender GTX can also be fitted with the Connector HV (High-Visibility) removable vest and/or Challenger cooling vest, along with the Adventure neck brace.

The REV’IT! Defender Pro GTX jacket list price is $899.99.

REV’IT! Cayenne Pro Jacket

REV'IT! Cayenne Pro Jacket
2015 REV’IT! Cayenne Pro jacket.
REV'IT! Cayenne Pro Summer Gloves
REV’IT! Cayenne Pro summer gloves, list price $179.99.

2015 REV’IT! Cayenne Pro Jacket

Next in the 2015 REV’IT! lineup is the return of the popular Cayenne Pro jacket. The Cayenne and Cayenne Pro were among the most popular jackets in the REV’IT! lineup and it’s good to see that it’s back for 2015.

The Dominator GTX is top dog in the 2015 lineup, followed by the Defender Pro GTX jacket and then the Cayenne Pro.

The Cayenne jacket series is/was one of the most popular in the REV’IT! lineup and it’s good to see that it’s back for 2015. The Cayenne Pro was once the REV’IT! top-of-the-line jacket; now the Dominator GTX is top dog in the 2015 lineup, followed by the Defender Pro GTX jacket and then the Cayenne Pro.

The 2015 version of the Cayenne Pro (no GTX designation means no Gore-Tex) has a water-resistant 750 denier shell with Teflon coating, Schoeller Dynatec mesh panels for cooling and leather panels in the elbows and shoulders.

It also includes the SEEFLEX Level 2 protectors in the elbows and shoulders and the type RV Seesoft back protector insert is optional, as is the Connector HV vest, Adventure neck brace and Challenger cooling vest insert.

The Cayenne Pro appears to be a cross between the also-popular REV’IT! Sirocco jacket (review), which had the distinction of being one of the very few 3/4-length mesh jackets. The new Cayenne Pro has very large mesh panels in the front and back, which should provide excellent ventilation. We hope to have one of these also for a detailed webBikeWorld review in 2015.

The REV’IT! Cayenne Pro list price is $599.99.

REV’IT! Shield and Raceway Jackets

REV'IT! 2015 Textile Jackets
REV’IT! Shield jacket on the right and the Raceway jacket in the center.
REV'IT! Raceway Jacket
REV’IT! Raceway jacket in white/blue.
REV'IT! Shield Jacket
REV’IT! Shield jacket.

REV’IT! Shield and Raceway Jackets

2015 REV’IT! textile jackets include the new REV’IT! Shield jacket. The 600 denier polyester shell includes a removable insulating liner and separately removable Hydratex water-resistant liner. Knox Flexiform protectors in the elbows and shoulders are included and a Seesoft Level 2 back protector insert is available as an option (type RV).

The Shield jacket will be available in black with white, neon yellow or orange trim and in white with red trim.

The REV’IT! Raceway jacket is designed to have the look of a leather sport jacket but with a lightweight textile shell. The Raceway jacket has a 600 denier shell with no liners and includes Knox Flexiform protectors in the elbows and shoulders. The Seesoft type RV Level 2 back protector insert is optional.

The REV’IT! Shield jacket has a list price of $299.99 and the REV’IT! Raceway jacket will list for $249.99.

REV’IT! SEEFLEX Protectors

REV'IT! Shoulder and Elbow Protectors
New REV’IT! SEEFLEX protectors meet the revised EN1621-1:2012 standard.
REV'IT! Protector Close-up
REV’IT! SEEFLEX protectors are Level 2 certified.

REV’IT! SEEFLEX Protectors

Also new this year are the REV’IT! SEEFLEX protectors, meeting the EN1621-1:2012 standard. These have a new design, made from something called SEEFLEX2925 compound that REV’IT! said was developed “to provide the highest level of impact protection regardless of the temperatures and weather conditions”.

The open shape not only helps improve ventilation compared to other types of protectors, it’s designed to expand and collapse during an impact to spread and dissipate the energy load away from the rider.

SEEFLEX protectors meet the CE Level 2 standard at T+ and T-, meaning protectors are tested and approved between +40° C and -10° C. Within the EN1621-1:2012 standard there are two test areas: Type A and Type B.

SEEFLEX protectors can be approved for both areas, depending on the intended usage. This allows for the use of smaller protectors (in women’s garments for example) while maintaining CE Level 2 protection.

More REV’IT! Products for 2015

REV'IT! 2015 Leather Race Suits
REV’IT! one-piece leather suits with Alvaro Bautista’s crashed MotoGP suit on the right.
REV'IT! Replica Leather Jacket
REV’IT! Replica leather jacket on the left ($669.99 list).
REV'IT! RSR2 Summer Gloves
REV’IT! RSR2 summer gloves, cow hide and goat skin. List price $149.99.
REV'IT! Royale Boots
REV’IT! Royale boots (L) and Regent boots (R). Both have a list price of $299.99.
REV'IT! Royale and Regent Brown Boots
REV'IT! Boots Toes


REV’IT! continues the evolution with one of the most complete lineups of motorcycle clothing available today. REV’IT! gear is a step above the generic mass-market brands and the continuous improvement with owner feedback is one of their hallmarks.

Note that there are many other new and updated items in the 2015 REV’IT! catalog, so this is just a sampling. Also, remember that this is an exclusive first look; the spring/summer lineup will be ready for dealers to order starting February 1.

We’re also currently working on a review of the new REV’IT! Dominator GTX jacket and pants, which is the new top-of-the-line REV’IT! gear. The Dominator GTX has a Gore-Tex Pro shell with Gore-Tex Pro Armacor and Talisman abrasion-resistant fabric and lots more.

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Publication Date: January 2015

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