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RejeX Soil Barrier – Anti-Stain Protection

RejeX Soil Barrier - Anti-Stain Protection

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We’ve always been on the search for unique or hard to find motorcycle related products and accessories, and it’s always a kick to find something that fits the bill.

In baseball terms, it’s a double when the product is both unique and works as advertised.  An added kick is when the product wasn’t necessarily designed with motorcycling in mind.

There’s an added kick in finding something designed for a completely different market that also works really well for a motorcycling application.  I guess you could say that’s a triple.

Carrying the analogy a bit further, when the product does all of the above and it also comes from a (relatively) unknown company that doesn’t have the marketing budget of the big guys, it’s a home run.

That’s a lot of “ifs”, and about as rare as finding a Harley owner wearing one-piece racing leathers.

I have to admit, we usually take a skeptical viewpoint on any new product, especially one that makes claims like “so slick, bugs can’t stick”, which is the marketing tag line for RejeX.  But this stuff really works, and it looks like they’ve put one over on the big guys, which really gives me a chuckle.

RejeX is manufactured by Corrosion Technologies Corporation, the makers of CorrosionX lubricant, penetrant and corrosion inhibitor; SpeedX, the “extreme pressure lubricant”; and CorrosionX HD (Heavy Duty) thick film penetrant and corrosion inhibitor.  Their products are popular in the aviation industry, which immediately lends credibility, because the aero crowd doesn’t fool around with anything less than perfection.

Corrosion Technologies claims that RejeX “is an advanced polymer treatment designed to provide an ultra-slick barrier that seals and protects painted surfaces, glass, metal, gel coat and acrylics against bird droppings, spider droppings (I hate those!), bugs, exhaust stains, oil, tar, grease and other dirt and grime” (is there anything else??).

RejeX is similar to a motorcycle polish in the way it looks and smells and also in the way it’s applied.  It’s a thick white liquid that comes in a 16 oz. (454 g) squeeze bottle.  It’s kind of expensive at $19.95, but a little bit of this stuff goes a long, long way.  They also offer a 100% guarantee, with “no ifs, ands or buts”.

The directions are pretty straightforward: shake well, apply it, let it dry to a haze and buff it out.  It’s very easy to apply and doesn’t take much to get a good coat.  It’s very easy to buff out once it’s dry.

Now I’ve come across “treatments” like this before, which claim to replace waxes or polishes.  None of them have worked as claimed.  But RejeX definitely feels different.  I use it on my motorcycle helmets, the painted surfaces on the motorcycle and also the clear plastic visor and windscreen.  It leaves a very smooth surface feel — you can really feel the rag slide over the surface, unlike any other polish I’ve ever used.  It leaves a very nice shine and seems to deepen the colors.

Where it really comes into its own is after a ride or two.  I can’t say that it meets the manufacturer’s claim that it’s “so slick, bugs don’t stick”, because they do.  But it’s amazing how easy it is to remove the bugs on treated surfaces.  I can spray a touch of Glass Plus or even water on a soft rag and wipe the treated surfaces, like the front of the Tiger’s fairing, and the bugs come right off with very little effort.  Alternatively, a rinse with clear water from a hose seems to flush the bugs right off the bike’s surface.  Pretty amazing.

RejeX works great on helmets and visors.  It leaves the same very slick surface feel and makes it very easy to remove the bugs and grime after a ride.  I’ve treated all my helmets with RejeX and it’s made a real difference.

This is pretty cool stuff and I highly recommend it.  I’m always amazed when one of the smaller companies trumps the big guys, and this is a classic example.  I have no idea how they did it, but Corrosion Technologies has come up with a winner!

Product Review:  RejeX
Available From:  Corrosion Technologies Suggested Retail Price:  $19.95
Color:  White Made in:  U.S.A.
Product Comments:  Creates a very slick surface on paintwork, motorcycle helmets, visors, fairings and windscreens and other metal parts.  Makes it very easy to remove bugs and grime after treatment.
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From “B.C.”:  “Although I’d heard about RejeX before, your review of it convinced me to order a bottle.  I’ve been using their Corrosion X for years because it flat out works, so I figured this stuff would be good too.

WOW!  This stuff is pretty amazing!  First off, it made my bike (& helmet) look shinier than any other product I’ve tried but the best part is the minimal effort required to remove bugs etc., & the last few weeks that’s been mostly “love bugs” here in Texas.  Even fingerprint smudges come off easier.  I ordered it over the net directly from the manufacturer & it was just under $20 including mailing & Texas sales tax.”

From “B.D.”:  “OK, so I just had to run out and buy RejeX because I have to commute through miles of “Bug Fields” and figured it would be good on my helmet and headlight (Don’t care much about the rest of the bike being dirty since it’s a KLR).

HA!!  This stuff is so awesome, I actually waxed my car with it for the first time since I bought it 3 years ago!  (I’m usually just fine with the drive-thru car wash)  Anyway, the point is that I’m actually looking for stuff to polish with RejeX now!

I picked it up from for only $14.95 and they actually let you pick your shipping method.  Parcel Post is the cheapest, and got to my door in a few days for just a few cents over $21. Other online retailers had the product shipped for well over $30!”