Redesigned Cardo Freecom+ Line Revealed

Cardo Freecom+ Bluetooth intercom
Image from Cardo

Better Than Ever

Cardo Systems is a Bluetooth communications company that makes comm systems for motorcycle riders. Recently the company unveiled its new Freecom+ Line. The lineup consists or the Freecom 4+, Freecom 2+, and Freecom1+. The lineup delivers improved quality communications to various areas of the market.

The Freecom 4+ is a four-way rider-to-rider communications system. Handling two-way rider-to-rider communication is the Freecom 2+. The Freecom 1+ is the system designed for the single rider.

The Freecom +lineup is sleeker and more ergonomic than it has been in the past. This should translate into a system that’s easier to use. It offers features like Natural Voice Operation and JBL Sound for improved sound quality.

With the Freecom 4+, riders can activate the system simply by saying, “Hey Cardo.” The system is then ready for use without the user needing to press a button. This helps make the system safer by allowing the rider to keep his or her hands on the handlebars. This voice command technology also integrates with Apple’s Siri and OK Google voice commands.

With the Freecom 2+, the range for rider-to-rider communications has increased to 500m/0.3mi for bike-to-bike intercom. The Freecom 1+ includes rider-to-passenger capabilities

“The redesigned and reloaded FREECOM+ lineup offers riders improved way to communicate with a product they already know and trust,” said Dr. Abraham Glezerman, founder and CEO of Cardo Systems.

Hopefully, later this year we’ll get a chance to implement Cardo’s Freecom+ line of products. If we do, we’ll have a detailed review up show you just how the system works and if it’s as good as Cardo Systems would have you believe.



  1. February 10, 2019

    This Cardo Freecom keeps looking good but 500m distance is bit shorter range imo. Hope they will release something like 3-5km communication distance.

  2. Zaksboxers
    March 12, 2019

    Is it just me or is the elephant in the room that all these side mounts cause wind noise? The helmet manufacturers spend all their r&d money making the best airflow and quiet helmets and then we stick things on the side of them. What about those people who strap Go Pro camera’s to their $800 helmets? I bought a Cardo Scala last year and loved all its features but hated the noise through my Shoei (riding an old K1300R). The sidemounts were all fine at low speeds but if you tour fast then they are a pain. I didn’t know about Cardo SH01 at the time and wish I had bought that one instead (its an under mount system).

  3. Mateus
    June 26, 2019

    Try wearing earplugs, it’ll do.

  4. Nikos
    October 7, 2020

    What is the difference between Freecom 4 and Freecom 4+?

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