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RECALL: Zero’s SR/F and SR/S Brake Switch Failing Due to Water

Electricity and Water Don’t Mix

Do you own a 2020 Zero SR/F or SR/S? If you do, and your bike was manufactured between the dates of February 14th and June 19th, 2020, your motorcycle may be affected by this recall. A total of 659 bikes could have this issue, so it’s safer to check rather than be sorry due to the smaller volume of sales Zero has.

The report that was published through the NHTSA states that the bikes involved in this recall have their front brake switch improperly glued. It’s quite a small oversight that could result in seriously catastrophic consequences. Due to the switch being improperly glued, it can result in water finding its way into the electronics and causing malfunction of the unit. 

What happens in the event that water finds its way in? This brake switch’s main function is for rear brake lighting up when the brakes are depressed, and shutting off the cruise control when the front brake lever is pulled.

If you’re riding in low-light or in the dark this can prove extremely dangerous as an improperly functioning rear brake signal can result in a driver behind you failing to be notified of you, the rider, slowing down – perhaps resulting in a rear-end collision. If you ride with cruise control often and rely on tapping the front brakes to deactivate the CC system, you may be putting yourself in extreme danger when the bike decides it doesn’t want to disengage the system.

The official recall number for this problem is ‘SV-ZMC-021-020’ and it begins on the 30th of November, 2020. Zero motorcycle owners should be getting a notice in the mail to make an appointment to bring their bike to the dealership to get the part replaced for free.