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RECALL: Suzuki GSX-250R Headlight Issue

A ‘Glaring’ Issue With The 2018 GSX-250R Headlight

Driving at night isn’t my favorite thing to do – especially on a motorcycle – especially if my headlight decides to turn off mid-ride. I’m sure we’ve all driven cars that have a burnt-out headlight before, but luckily there’s a second to act as back up in addition to your brights for many layers of reassurance. Heck, my roommate has driven his car with a headlight out for almost a year now (mind you, neither of us drive at night).

The 2018 GSX-250R takes this problem and makes it 10x as dangerous as it’s a motorcycle-related problem. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published a document stating that 2,040 registered in the USA could be affected.

The document includes the issue and states it as a problem regarding the bulb filament breaking prematurely. Luckily this isn’t the end of the world as Suzuki suggests taking it to the dealership to get a new bulb popped in, but we can only hope that there isn’t something beyond the bulb that is causing them to show premature signs of breaking.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to replace a lightbulb (insert how many X does it take to change a lightbulb joke here), but Suzuki recommends you still bring it to a dealership so they can keep track of the repair when dealing with the recall on their end. No worries, it’s covered under warranty even if your unit is expired.

If you ride a smaller GSX in America it’s probably worth giving the Suzuki customer service department a call and giving them your VIN to ensure you don’t own one of the bikes affected.