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7 reasons why a motorbike can be a great hobby for students

7 reasons why a motorbike can be a great hobby for students

(Article by Susan Wallace*)

The enthralling experience that open-air riding offers is virtually unmatched, and you can be sure that no vehicle can come close to providing it. With the popularity of these two-wheelers increasingly surging, motorbike makers are working steadily to deliver quality, functional, and practical motorbikes. But even so, what makes riding motorbikes a fantastic experience? Why can a motorcycle be a great hobby, especially if you are a student?

Here are seven reasons why motorbikes can be an excellent hobby for students.

1. Motorbike riding makes you look and feel cool and good

While some of us are skeptical about this particular advantage, riding a motorcycle can ideally make you feel great while also making you look cool. Mostly, riding a motorbike can afford you a slight edge over others, with many seeing you as a cool adrenaline junkie boasting remarkable riding skills. 

But how does riding a motorcycle make you look cool? Although you may not know the perception others have about you, the reality is that they all want to be in your shoes. Ideally, this coolness comes with respect to how the fans and admirers accord you. This is not to say that you have to pull off some dangerous bike stunts to capture the attention of your fans to gain some form of respect. Rather, your coolness must come naturally. Moreover, it must be as per your expertise level or your experience.

2. It can boost your overall well-being and health:

Interestingly, motorcycle riding can positively influence your overall health and well-being. How? Typically, motorbike riding can assist you in cutting a few calories. This is a fact and which you can benefit from by turning to your beloved bike for this fantastic experience.

Generally, an individual who weighs about 180 pounds can likely burn around 40 calories within a one-hour motorbike riding session. While this may sound unreal, with determination though, in addition to some effort, this is undeniably possible!

Besides just weight loss benefits, motorbike riding also positively affects your brain. When you ride your motorcycle, you can literally boost your mental state, leaving you kinder, calmer, and generally happier and more confident than before. In essence, when you have boosted mental health, your physical health can also significantly improve because of the proper attitude.

3. It is a cost-effective means of transport

As a student, you want to cut our expenses to maintain a decent lifestyle. After all, it is the reason why you look for cheap professional essay writers for hire to help with assignments, enrol for summer jobs to get a few extra bucks, or even take the school bus to the campus to save on the transport expenses. Fortunately, if you own a motorbike, you can effectively cut down your costs. 

In comparison to other means of transport, motorcycles can be significant money savers. With fuel costs significantly rising not to mention car maintenance, numerous individuals are opting for a cheaper means of transportation and motorbikes fit this bracket.

As such, you must be completely aware that each time you hop on your bike; you are literally saving yourself a significant amount of resources, you would otherwise spend on fuel. Making it a hobby, especially for a student, this would mean saving the much-needed money which you can use on other activities.

4. It helps you interact with numerous different individuals7 reasons why a motorbike can be a great hobby for students

As the old saying goes, birds of the same feather flock together, motorcycling is the same. As such, if you are yet to make a few friends through your motorcycle riding adventures, then your social skills need some refining. This means that there are only a few places where you can make friends from numerous different backgrounds like motorcycle adventure rides.

‘Brotherhood’ and ‘sisterhood’ are some standard terms used among different rider groups in establishing a connection among various motorcyclists. Besides that, there is an undeniable bond between multiple motorcycle owners as well as the makers of these stunning rides. With more individuals turning into motorcyclists, the bond gets stronger with every passing moment.

If you are social, then it will be easy to interact with other individuals and sharing exciting stories with individuals you otherwise would never have associated with. This way, you can interact with individuals beyond your religious racial and socioeconomic circles.

5. Motorbike riding affords you a unique sense of freedom7 reasons why a motorbike can be a great hobby for students

Although ‘freedom’ is a somewhat overrated word, you might understand its real meaning in the motorcycling adventure.  Essentially, while you are on your motorbike, it is usually you alone with no other individual to gratify. What this means is that you are controlling your destiny. This is besides, you controlling your destiny, making you feel responsible for your decision.

This inner freedom makes your state of mind push away some anxiety concerns such as meeting deadlines or paying bills.  Essentially, this distinct freedom is, in reality, realizing you fullness while doing what you delight in. This explains the reason why you feel whole when you are riding your bike. Most significantly, the freedom you get from riding your motorcycle can positively impact your interaction with your colleagues, family, workmates and other individuals.

6. It can help you connect with everything around you

As earlier mentioned, riding a motorbike grants you a unique type of freedom. Essentially, this form of freedom makes you grow more appreciative of the fine little details and things around or in your life.  When you are riding your bike, you are exposed to different places and situations.

You can effectively find yourself cruising downhill or through a forest, or riding down to the main streets and back home. Each of these experiences is among the little things which keep you connected with everything around you as well as with reality. By riding your motorcycle, you get a first-hand experience of these experiences more positively and with all your senses.

7. It is a fun and exciting experience

Motorcycling comes with a unique and gratifying thrill that sparks some form of excitement, particularly for those riders who find it fascinating and fun. Just take time to imagine the exclusive adrenaline rush you get with motorcycling, every aspect of the ride including the manoeuvre ability, the speed, as well as the efficacy that renders motorcycling a popular hobby both for students and other individuals across all age divides.

While it might be a dangerous adventure, this thrill quickly helps erase the negative narratives that are associated with this activity.


Ultimately, riding a motorbike is both an exciting and fun experience. This is especially since motorcycling allows you to not only meet but also interact with different individuals, affords you a better connection with your surroundings, affords you individual freedom, and helps you significantly save on fuel costs among other numerous benefits.

This makes motorcycle riding a fantastic hobby, especially for students and also outlines reasons why you need to start riding a motorbike. However, it is worth noting that it can be as dangerous as it is fun and you, therefore, need to take the necessary precautions while you are on your bike.


Susan Wallace is an accredited Professor at the University of Nottingham Trent. She has also authored multiple bestseller books. Besides being a college Professor, Susan has also formerly worked as a local authority advisor on post-16 education.