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Radio jock calls for rider ban on highway

radio jock calls fr rider ban on highway

A radio jock has called for a motorcycle ban on Melbourne’s Monash Freeway after a fatality that police have already blamed on the rider, even before any crash investigation.

The accident happened about 8am today (February 6, 2019) near the Blackburn Road jock calls fr rider ban on highway

Media reports already claim the rider was “lane splitting at speed”, hit a couple of cars and ended up under the wheels of a truck. The as-yet unnamed rider tragically died at the scene.

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Shock jock

Police claim it is one of nine out of the 10 motorcycle fatalities so far this year caused by rider error.

A 3AW radio announcer subsequently called for a motorcycle ban on the busy section.

The Motorcycle Riders Association of Victoria immediately called on police to stop giving opinions on road crashes to the media before a proper crash investigation and on Mitchell to “stop vilifying riders”.

“Police at bike crash sites often give opinions on causes to the media,” says MRA Victoria spokesman Damien Codognotto.

“They do this before any real science can be done. Preempting the coroner/court is not tolerated in other crashes or crimes.”

He says the radio shock jock needs to recognise that motorcycle and scooter riders are “legitimate, environmentally-friendly road users who more than pay their way”.

“As electric bikes become the norm numbers of two-wheelers will continue to grow,” he says.

“It behoves community voices to promote harmony on our roads, not hate”.

radio jock calls fr rider ban on highway

Shepherds Australia Foundation cofounder Dean Marks says there is too much comment in the media before the “appropriate facts” are investigated.

“What should be reported is the collision, outcome and that the matter is under investigation.

“Until complete, it would be unfair and unreasonable to make further comment.

“We are constantly seeing the cart before the horse which forces people into sides before any investigation has been undertaken.”

radio jock calls fr rider ban on highway

Riders have been calling for proper analysis of motorcycle crashes for years, rather than relying on incomplete and hastily concluded crash investigations by police.

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Last year, the Victorian La Trobe University unveiled a plan to create a national road trauma research hub at its Bendigo campus, in a bid to reduce Australia’s regional road toll.

This was welcomed by rider representatives.

However, efforts to check on the progress of the plan have failed. Riders groups claim it may have just been a media stunt to attract funding.

Meanwhile, the Victorian Motorcycle Expert Advisory Panel has not sat since before the state election.

Victorian motorcycle campaigner and former No 1 member of the Motorcycle Riders Association of Australia Rodney Brown says the current motorcycle death rate makes it vital the committee meets soon.

He has contacted new Roads Minister Jaala Pulford urging the government to “start talking to the motorcycle community to gather overall feedback and act upon it”.


  1. According to 3AW Six people have lost their lives in a shocking 12 hours on our roads…. only one was a motorcycle (and thats 6 too many!)
    Is he going to call for bans on country roads and driving in the dark too?

    People need to take action themselves on the way they drive or ride on our roads.

  2. You are far more likely to gather wisdom from the sounds gas makes exiting your final sphincter than listening to pretty much anyone in the media.

  3. Mitchell is an arse. Like all of the talk back idiots, controversy sells. Unfortunately his comments will be taken to heart by some and those will be the idiots that swerve out in front of us to stop us lane splitting.
    I don’t know (and that is important) but I’d guess the rider was splitting too fast. I’m not often in melb traffic but when I am I do see so many fly down between lanes. You can pick the ones that haven’t experiences a crash

  4. ah F*** it ! ban bloody skate boarders and scooters and cyclists that ride the wrong way up streets. Get pedestrians using phones off the footpath. Get those trams that wont merge of our roads —and those damn trains that impose a wait while those gates and booms are closed…….

    I ride a bike, I filter. If the poor rider was being dumb, then I’m sorry it cost him dearly and I’m sorry for the loss to his family. Pointing a finger and then vilifying a complete cohort for the mishap of one shows an incredible lack of intelligence. I expected more from the likes of Mitchell, but he has just proven he is an absolute cock and not worthy of his position. Gee Neil I hope you never make an error that costs you half as much, but if you do expect no sympathy!

  5. All it takes is one idiot in a cage to change lanes without looking at exactly the wrong time to cause the death of a rider and have all the experts claim it was rider error and or lane splitting at speed. It doesn’t even take a collision with the idiot to cause the accident just pushing the rider into making a mistake is enough.

  6. So, welcome to our world. Not long ago you posted a video showing a bunch of cyclists entering a roundabout while a moto rider had right of way. The wrongs and rights of that have been done to death but this site and most commentators on here were very quick to jump on the cycling hatred ‘ban them’ they all break the rules bandwagon.
    It’s tragic that a person is dead but this kind of sick jock and police reaction happens to cyclists all the time. I ride bicycles (12 yrs a cyclist) and a Monster S2R having been a motorcyclist for 35 years and commute to work on both types of two wheeled transport. Surely it’s time for those on two wheels to join together to oppose the kind of rhetoric that is associated not only with with this tragedy, but almost every time a motorcyclist or cyclist is killed or badly injured – it’s always our fault and calls for bans and restrictions follow.
    RIP and condolences to the family and friends. *peace*

    1. Stuart,

      This story is not about cyclists but about an accident and the unfortunate views of many others when a motorcycle is involved in an accident. However since you opened this can of worms.

      Nice sentiments about all us 2 wheelers joining hands etc but I do object to the victim cyclist mentality. I drive to work, not ride as I prefer to avoid riding my bikes in peak hour traffic. No I do not lane split very often as I have 2 large cruisers that don’t quite fit between cars. Oh, I also own a bicycle but not longer ride it as I refuse to be grouped with all the rogue cyclists out there.

      A while ago I started counting road rule breakers as something to keep me occupied on my morning drive. So far 60% of all cyclists I encounter of a morning go straight through red lights, in the same period over the same stretch of road 0% of motorcyclists, cars, buses and trucks have gone through Red lights. Over the same period I have been overtaken by at least 1 cyclist per week in a 40 km school zone compared to no other road users. Again over that same period of time I have seen approximately 40% of cyclists ride onto footpaths to beat congestion at T intersections or avoid a Red light, you guessed it, 0% of other road users have taken that approach to avoid traffic. Yes I have seen some idiots on motorbikes lane splitting at high speed and at times where I would not, so they are not perfect. I have also seen drivers wander within their lanes causing motorcyclists to pause, brake or go the other way round, but I have seen far more cyclists move out of their bike lanes without ever looking causing other road users to have to brake hard or swerve. Until more cyclists [yes there are a lot who are responsible] use the road more responsibly, they will be vilified, maybe when they get to the level of road responsibility of the average motorcyclist they might deserve more consideration just like motorcyclists should get it now.

      1. I commute on my bike in peak hour, and I would say that 90% of motorists speed through 40km school zones. Cars, bicycles, motorcycles and trucks. It makes me wonder when I see people travelling at speed in these areas and they have child seats/kids in their cars. I only last week watched a car drive through a school crossing whilst the lollipop man was still standing in the centre of the road holding the stop sign, and I’ve seen many cyclists do the same.
        My biggest bugbear is with drivers on their phones. Traffic slows to 60 k’s an hour on the freeway? Better check my phone. Stopped at traffic lights? Better get on my phone. Driving at 100 k’s on the freeway? I can still look at my phone.
        Try lane filtering up the the front of traffic lights with massive 4WD’s at the front of the line of cars – my CBR600RR can barely be seen by the driver when I move in front, and if they are on their phone, they do not even notice I’m there. When I’m out front, I look over my shoulder to check if the driver is paying attention. Can he see me, has he seen me? This is where I fear I will be injured or killed. Glance up from your phone and see that the light is green – shit! Better take off…. Bad luck that there’s a motorcyclist in front of you making sure that there’s no red light runners before moving off. They’re dead now.

    2. Well said Stuart, absolutely nailed it, and MBW. About time VRUs started to band together, we all suffer from the same stupidity at the hands of tin cage dwellers, media and the police.

  7. I would argue that 9 out of 10 accidents are caused by those morons that are on their phones while driving…

  8. Last nights Rockhampton news had the local police inspector saying “motorcycle accidents are on the increase” due to 2 fatalities over the weekend, that story was then followed by 6 deaths in motor vehicle accidents over the weekend. It should have been 8 people have tragically lost their lives over the weekend due to motor accidents, investigations are continuing.

    Drivers and riders need to remain aware at all times……………especially in Central Queensland

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