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Racer Brings Us a Heated Vest for End of Season Riding

An Electric Blanket You Can Bring Anywhere

I hate to be the bearer of bad news for those living in colder climates, but I have to say the season is quickly coming to a close. I went for a ride yesterday with 2 hoodies and 2 pairs of pants on. My heated grips stopped working this year, and I’m not happy about shivering like a jackhammer every time I get on my bike.

My friends have already pulled the insurance from their bikes and got them ready to be stored for the winter, yet here I am freezing my ass off in October in the name of love for the ride.

It doesn’t have to be like that though, because a French company named Racer has released its IWARM heated vest at the perfect time. To be fair, if this product came out a month ago when it was already getting cold in my area I would have thought about buying it; but hey, perhaps they were banking on your suffering for you to go out and seek a remedy.

Although this is a motorcycle blog, this product doesn’t need to be geared specifically towards colder months of riding. The vest has a nylon shell and polyester insulation to keep you warm all winter.

The IWARM vest features a 7.4-volt heating system to keep you warm and has 3 levels of heat. On the lowest setting, you’re looking at around 7 hours of warming and only 3 on the highest. Still enough to keep you warm when you’re trudging through the snow to your car and waiting inside until it warms up.

The product has a $300USD price tag ($293 to be exact), which is quite steep, but now that I think about it my heated grips cost the same price. Just imagine – one day I’m going to have a grand in gear just to keep me warm. Crazy times.