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Quin Design Is Getting Modular

Smart Modularity

“We are thrilled to deliver what our customers have been asking for since we entered the market in 2018. this new versatile modular helmet offers our customers the added layer of Quin protection, allowing them to ride apart, but never alone on any adventure they choose.”

Quin aimed to beef up their lineup of smart helmets with this new modular option dubbed, the “QUEST” (not to be confused with Shoei’s non-modular QWEST – weird move, I know).

The Quin design QUEST is a 3.86lb modular helmet hitting the market with a 200 unit limited fall introduction with pre-orders running between October 27th and November 15th.

What sets this helmet apart from other modular helmets available today? It has Quin’s “Intelliquin” smart automatic crash detection system. This means that if you are in a collision, the helmet will use it’s live tracking SOS beacon and send out a distress signal to an emergency number you register to the helmet.

Other features you get with the helmet include a fully functional built-in communications system, drop-down sun visor, removable peak visor, and of course the modular action as previously mentioned. 

To add to the ever-growing list of prestigious features, this helmet will be composed of highly coveted carbon fiber construction, meaning it will be safe on impact as well – not just during the aftermath of a collision.

The helmets should be shipped to dealers in mid-December, although I currently have no information regarding the pricing of this lid.