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Quad Lock just got better-er!

All-black design and CNC aluminium

Handlebar mount

Aussie-designed Quad Lock which securely holds your phone on your motorcycle has just got even better-er!

It now comes in a Pro model which is made of hardier black anodised CNC machined aluminium.

This should make it even more durable than the already tough glass-filled nylon unit I have been using for several years now.

The Pro handlebar or fork-stem models are not only tougher, but also more handsome with the blue quick-release tab replaced by a black tab.

Quad Lock fork stem m mount

Even the stainless steel mounting screw is now a matching black colour.

We spend a fortune on CNC-machined levers, mirrors and other bike hardware, so why not our phone mounts?

Both mounts feature discreet cable routing for USB charger cables and increased spacer sizes for a wider range of handlebars and fork stem tubes.

You can also fit the vibration dampener which I recommend as motorcycle vibrations can cause the camera in some iPhones to stop focusing and it’s not covered by your phone warranty.

You can also add the wireless charger.

These “Pro” items are more expensive, as you would expect. 

The original handlebar mount was $59.95, but the Pro model is $89.95, while the fork stem mount was $74.95 and Pro is now $99.95.