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Protecting motorcycle boots and leather gear

Stylmartin motorcycle boots

My favourite pair of motorcycle boots are these Stylmartin Legend RDs. They are waterproof and so comfortable yet supportive, that I have been wearing them off-road, touring, you name it! I’ve ridden in the rain, stomped through muddy bogs and even gone for a splash in a creek wearing them.

I love the way they have been fading and gaining a beautiful patina of age. However, they were starting to show some signs of looking shabby. The leather looked dry and scuffed and I really need to look after them better if I want to keep wearing them for a long time.

Motul Perfect Leather cleans motorcycle bootsSo I gave my motorcycle boots the Motul Perfect Leather treatment. It didn’t perform miracles, such as removing the gear-shift black rubber stain from the left boot, but it did make them look a bit more “moist”. Hopefully that means they will last a little longer.

It goes on as a cream with a base of olive oil soap, glycerine and turpentine oil. Motul claims it not only cleans leather such as boots, jackets and gloves but also “nourishes revives and protects”.

I used a piece of old bed sheet to spread it on fairly liberally. The boots were so dry it seemed to soak it up. Let it soak in for a few minutes, then you give it a shine.

You could also use it on your leather bike seat and saddle bags as it is supposed to protect against friction, discolouring. It also has a waterproofing/rain-repellent effect.

Like a lot of products that you put on delicate surfaces, Motul suggests that you test it first on a non-visible part.

Motul Perfect Leather: $11.90 – 250ml bottle