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Prizes for reporting rider road hazards

App offers incentive prizes 

Pothole roadworks road hazards inspect
Dangerous road conditions are no laughing matter for riders

Riders who use the Snap Send Solve app that helps Australian authorities identify and fix road hazards that pose a danger to vulnerable road users such as motorcyclists could win a $50 incentive prize.

Up to ten $50 gift cards are drawn each month from users who refer friends and family to the app.

You can enter after submitting or rating a report or by clicking ‘Refer Friends’ in the ‘More’ section of the app.vAnd you can enter as many times as you like.

Snap Send Solve will contact winners when monthly prizes are drawn.

The app requires riders to take a photo of the road hazard and send it to the app which passes it on the authorities.

Of course, riders could also report directly to authorities, but it is often unclear which jurisdiction is responsible for the problem as roads divided among all the three levels of governments in Australia.

The app is basically a one-stop shop for reporting hazards.

Bad Roads Rally roadworks potholes VictoriaRiders are three times more likely to be involved in crashes caused by potholes and poor road surfaces than any other vehicle type according to a British Automobile Association survey.

It found that while potholes cause damage to cars, they are a far greater injury threat to riders.

They say riders swerving to avoid potholes can also cause crashes.

The 2018 Monash University’s Accident Research Centre report into motorcycle crashes has suggested governments improve the quality of rural roads and evaluate roads for their specific motorcycle safety.

There is no doubt that potholes are dangerous to riders.

A pothole can cause a big jolt in the front suspension, kick the handlebars about and possibly damage a rim. But at least the suspension is set up to absorb most of the impact.

However, bumps or a seam of humps in the middle of a lane caused by heavy vehicles pushing the tar up may be even more dangerous.

They can lift the front wheel off the ground, kick the bike left or right into the bush or oncoming traffic, or cause a tank slapper where the handlebars oscillate wildly.

Bumps are also harder to see and seem to be less likely to be fixed than potholes in yet another example of how the authorities ignore and neglect motorcycles.