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Powersports Partnerships: AutoAPR Collabs with 700Credit To Enhance Customer Pre-Approval

A view of the partnership between 700Credit and AutoAPR

When we reminisce on the down-and-dirty of the past two years, there’s one thing that was made abundantly clear for the Powersports industry: That a brand’s online presence is an invaluable resource when it comes to limitations, and that it was especially lucrative during the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021. 

Businesses that chose to invest in modern tech (such as updated websites, increased hours for virtual support, and new systems to handle online payments) for the sake of the Covid-minded consumer ended up with suitable compensation for the trouble – a hilarious amount of green, courtesy of ours truly in the moto community proper wanting bikes and having a way to get a hold of them despite unprecedented times. 

A view of a Harley Dealership

The push to reinvent the relationship between consumer and dealer is still ongoing, with a report from Auto News showing proof in a recent move from AutoAPR to update customer pre-approval on Powersports websites. 

Big-wig companies (brands such as Harley-Davidson) use AutoAPR for customer interaction, and now a collab with 700 Credit to expand the possibilities of dealership financing. 

This decision has been made so that AutoAPR can use 700Credit’s soft-pull prequalification API, “enabling consumers to be prequalified at the top of the sales funnel, without requiring a SSN or DoB.”

A view of a Harley Dealership

It’s a clever idea, really.  Expand exposure, and you widen the funnel for more clients to be able to get what they want – and get it from you. 

“With the new integration, dealers can make more intelligent and immediate credit decisions as soon as the lead comes in from the AutoAPR platform,” says Ken Hill, the Managing Director of 700Credit. 

“Dealers have excellent visibility into the consumers FICO Score, Credit Report and equity position of the consumers trade-in allowing them to provide a valid financing quote without the need for SSN or DOB, allowing for a shorter and more efficient sales cycle.”

A view of two people at work in the back of a dealership

“Providing our dealers with critical customer data has gone a step further with the integration of 700Credit’s soft-pull technology,” adds AutoAPR’s CEO, Dan Mayer. 

“In addition, the customer experience within AutoAPR’s solutions has been enhanced by reducing transaction time and increasing transparency.”

We wish the duo the very best in this partnership, and look forward to the results!
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*Media sourced from 700Credit, Fortune, Harley-Davidson, and Cardo Systems*