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Police patrols needed, not reduced speed

Oxley Highway cars over double white line reduced speeds

The Oxley Highway is facing reduced speed limits early in the New Year, but at least one rider reckons the biggest problem is drivers crossing double white lines, not speed.

The NSW Roads and Maritime Services earlier this year decided to reduce speed limits in several locations along the famed motorcycle road, beginning with a short stretch near Wauchope in September.

However, residents, businesses and riders from throughout the nation reacted to the changes and initiated a petition, protest rally and several meetings with RMS representatives. So far more than 7000 have signed the petition.


In response, the RMS has decided to suspend the remaining speed limit changes until a further review expected early in the New Year.

However, Motorbike Writer reader Harry Criticos recently rode the highway and reckons it’s not motorcycle speed that is the problem, but errant drivers.

“I went riding along the Oxley last week and captured these drivers on my cam,” he says.

Oxley Highway cars over double white line reduced speeds “They may complain about motorbikes, but the police should also be doing something about drivers cutting the corners, especially over double lines.

“In two of the shots, you can see the same car doing it twice.”Oxley Highway cars over double white line reduced speeds

Meanwhile, riders are hoping the RMS responds with a backdown on their comprehensive plan to reduce speed limits on the popular road. Watch the video below.

Such changes could drastically reduce the attraction to motorcycle tourists and comes as Wauchope, the gateway to the Oxley, recently declared itself a motorcycle friendly town.

Reduced speed zones

The reduced speed zones already implemented on September 19 will remain, at least for now:

  • Reduced speed from 60km/h to 50km/h on a 2.5 kilometre section of the highway, west of Beechwood Road to the Wauchope cemetery
  • Reduced from 100km/h to 80km/h on a three kilometre section of the highway, west of Bagnoo Road to Long Flat village
  • Reduced from 60km/h to 50km/h through Long Flat village.

Other proposed speed zone changes over the next year are:

Long Flat to Walcha

  • Mountain section – reduce from 100km/h to 70km/h for 27km (reprieve, pending review)Oxley Highway reduced speed limit drops reprieve
  • Next section – reduce from 100km/h to 80km/h for 4km (status unknown)
  • Reduce from 100km/h to 80km/h for 8.3km starting 75km east of Walcha township (status unknown)


  • Reduce from 110km/h to 100km/h for 2km starting east of Hartford Road to west of Hartford Road.  This is a transition zone leading into Walcha township (status unknown)


  • Reduced from 80km/h to 50km/h for about 700 metres west of Alford Street on the Oxley Highway (status unknown)

John Oxley Drive and Wrights Road

  • Increase from 90km/h to 100km/h between Wrights Road and John Oxley Drive (western occurrence). (This is expected to be implemented following the completion of road upgrade work on this section expected late this year.)

The proposed speed limit changes were only one of 14 recommendations in a July 2105 Oxley Highway Route Safety Review.

  1. In the top photo the car is crossing the double white line when a motorcycle is approaching. That is bad and the driver should be penalised. In the third photo the driver is only a little over the line and has a sufficient view of the road ahead to safely move over if another vehicle comes the other way. There are many situations where we do things that technically are against the law but aren’t actually dangerous. We shouldn’t be penalised for these. That is the big problem we now have to put up with. The police are simply (and simple mindedly) just enforcing the law without giving any thought to what is actually dangerous. That is what you call over-enforcement.

  2. How are they going to police these new limits? Speed cameras I bet! And that poses the question is this for safety or revenue?
    What’s to bet the way the statistics are calculated changes to hide an increase in deaths etc if the revenue is good.

  3. How to deal with a moron driver like the guy in the ute. Get the plate number pull over and call the cops.
    Don’t ride so close that you’ll wear the accident too but if you have a camera get some good footage and post it after taking it to the cops.
    Note it will need an accurate time and date stamp for them to accept it.

  4. By & large, whether in a car or a motorcycle where there is a more efficient driver or rider behind me, I would prefer the person behind me to use their discretion & pass as soon as safely possible. I have no quarms if it is on double white lines so long as it is safe to do so. I know I cannot stand getting behind someone who has no flow & also cannot stand being followed by someone for km’s when they are more on the pulse & efficient than myself. I totally agree with you MotoRain. I often drive leaning toward the middle of the road where no lines are marked on less urban roads due to the fall on the edges & gravel. Obviously clear vision of road ahead & oncoming traffic prevails. Slower speeds are mind bogglingly (my word) ridiculous.

  5. I’ve ridden along the Oxley many times & found the local people generally very considerate toward bikes & think they deserve a medal.
    They have my respect.
    Foreigners who arrive during school hols are crap.

    Area where the dropkick in the car was filmed is already heavily patrolled by police.
    If you can’t handle the dropkick yourself you’re a bit girlie. Wet your knickers?

    Bike sounds good, triple?


  6. I recently rode the oxley in late November and a young girl on her mobile cut just about every corner in the twistiest of sections.

    I would have like to have given her an earful when I got to Walcha, but didnt get a chance.

    The cars over the double lines is a huge factor and it happens everywhere. Drivers need re-education on the road rules

  7. I wonder would the police actually pull over & fine the ute driver if they observed him crossing the centre line? I have no doubt if a motorcycle crossed the line they would!
    I recently followed an unmarked grey police Toyota Aurion from near the Daguilar hotel across Mt. Mee & the driver crossed the centre line on at least 90% of the corners sometimes as much as 2 feet (600mm for the young ones) over.

  8. they’re putting armco, wire rope & posts everywhere, rips your arms & legs off in an accident.

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