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Polaris to Give Unsung Heroes a Slingshot for Three Months Free

new 2020 polaris slingshot

Four Lucky Heros Will Get a Slingshot

The Coronavirus is causing all sorts of issues all around the world, and the essential workers who are still making the world go round are the unsung heroes in this time of crisis. Polaris wants to recognize them. The company is going to give four unsung heroes a Slingshot free of charge for three months.

The rental is a way for the company to say thank you to these people. To win, all that needs to happen is for a person to submit a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter post explaining the hero’s story and how they are “battling through adversity, lending support, or committed to their trade during these trying times.” One winning submission will be awarded every two weeks until early June. 

Who qualifies? According to the press release, the person can be a medical professional, a first responder, a grocery worker, an educator teaching remotely, a seamstress making medical supplies, food delivery folks, stay-at-home moms, or really anyone who has had to step up during the Coronavirus outbreak.

You can learn more information about this program at the company’s website for the Slingshot. While this won’t help get rid of the virus any sooner, it should help the people doing their jobs feel slightly better.