Polaris Rolls Out Slingshot With New ProStar Engine and Automatic Transmission

new 2020 polaris slingshot

The Kind of Updates You Want

Not too long ago, I reported on the fact that Polaris would likely put a new engine and transmission into the Slingshot. There were some patent drawings and applications that surfaced. Now the company has gone and done just that. The new, updated Polaris Slingshot will get a new ProStar engine and a new automatic transmission.

According to Motorcycle.com, The three-wheeler has a new 1,997cc four-cylinder engine and an automatic transmission for 2020. Those weren’t the only changes to the reverse trike, though. The company also spent some time revising the suspension and redesigning the cockpit.

While the overall end product is much of the same, Polaris said that around 70 percent of the vehicle is new content. This is the first major update since 2015.

“We are excited to announce Slingshot’s first-ever automatic style transmission. Our new AutoDrive transmission will open the door for more people to get in, stand out, and take their driving experience to a whole new level,” says Mike Dougherty, President of Polaris Slingshot.

I know there are many folks out there who don’t think the Slingshot qualifies as a motorcycle. To be honest, I’m not sure I do either, but I know it’s a cool vehicle with fewer than four wheels, so I thought this worth sharing.


  1. January 20, 2020

    Oh bugger. They still don’t export to Australia where we drive on the wrong side of the road. I supose that Polaris are having a hard enough time keeping up the supply of left hand drive varients for the U.S. market. Still I wish that they’d make a right hand driver version for us down under becasue I’d purchase one in a shot for my trike tour business in Sydney Australia.

    • January 21, 2020

      No prob- I’ll get one to you if you can get a V8 Ute to me 😉

    • January 21, 2020

      Kym what kind of trike tour business have you got? That sounds like great fun!

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