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Polaris Adds the Slingshot Limited Edition Grand Touring to Its Lineup

Polaris Slingshot Grand Touring Limited Edition

Another Weird and Wonderful Slingshot

I hesitate to call the Slingshot a motorcycle. It’s a weird reverse trike that shares more with a car than a bike, but Polaris keeps making these things, and three-wheeled machines do fall under my news coverage, so here we are with a new Slingshot limited edition Grand Touring model for 2020. 

The trike features the Slingshade roof, quilted seats, tall wind deflector, and GPS navigation as standard equipment. The GT LE as it is known features a Fairway Green paint job, bronze accents, and a color-matched rear fender. It’s a striking machine, and I actually love the color of this.

The engine of the trike is the same as found in other Slingshots it gets the company’s four-cylinder ProStar 2.0L engine with an AutoDrive automated manual transmission. Drivers can get a tune from Polaris and make this engine put out 203 hp. That might not sound like an insane amount, but these things are pretty light and that means it flies.

There are also some options, such as heated and cooled seats. Of course, the more options you add to this trike, the more you’ll get away from its $33,999 price tag, which already sounds pretty high to me.