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Plans for the future after coronavirus impact

(Contributed post)

Now that coronavirus is on the spread and is rapidly multiplying globally, it has caused for major events around the world to be postponed, popular MotoGP competitions have been heavily affected by this. This has massively impacted the sporting world, especially those looking to place bets on the MotoGP, there are now huge limits on what you can bet on, with not many fixtures and events available because of the virus. You can find the best betting sites at SBO for your MotoGP betting.

The Argentinian competition for both Moto2 and Moto3 bike classes has been moved all the way back to November, this was meant to take place in April. The Thailand GP that was meant to take place on the 22nd March has been postponed to late September. This could also affect bike manufacture.

Other racing events throughout the year are able to stay as they are from the 3rd May, which is Jerez, Spain. Between now and then, we will all have to monitor the situation and see if it worsens or improves. If the situation in regard to the virus does improve, then the events will go ahead as planned, however if they do get worse, then we will be sure to see more events being rescheduled.

Other sporting events have been put on hold for the meanwhile, including football competitions around the world. The English football league is closed until April, giving it a few weeks to see what the impact is. This is in hope to stop all fans contracting the virus or being at risk of getting it, which is what all leagues are suggesting.

Outside sport, other big gatherings have been postponed, events, conventions, festivals, the lot. It was inevitable considering countries were deciding to ban flights to and from certain areas. This would have made it difficult for travelling fans as it is.

The calendar has completely been reshuffled, delaying certain competitions by months. This does not mean to say that the events still can’t go ahead, because they can. The 2020 season is still meant to go ahead and there will still be major MotoGP events happening, just not at the originally scheduled time, which is great because it means for a lot of rearranging but it is the only safe option available.

There is always the option of the event going on behind closed doors, however this is not favoured by anyone, fans want to be able to turn up and support, whilst racers want to be able to race with a full crowd. If circumstances change and it is the only way in which we can fit all races into the season, then it may have to happen. If not, then certain races get cancelled for the season and then we go again in 2021. Fans would have to watch the events from their TV screen, at least that way they are able to watch the event somehow, instead of there being no recollection of the event.