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Paris Gets Uber’s Motorcycle Ride-Hailing Service


Another Way to Get Around

Paris is a wonderful city and you’ll see plenty of two-wheeled machines buzzing about. Now some of those will be Uber riders. The company recently expanded its ride-hailing service to Paris. 

The service is already operating in Asian countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, and India. The company has seen success in those markets so it makes sense for it to seek out new markets in different countries around the world.

The service is quite simple. You hail a ride just like you would with a car. Every UberMoto rider supplies a helmet, gloves, and jacket for the passenger.

While this sounds like a nice addition to the transportation system in Paris, Le Repaire Des Motards tested the UberMoto app. A single ride ended up costing €56 ($65 USD). The ride was only a little over six miles. At those prices, I can’t imagine many people will be jumping for joy over the service.

The service only really makes sense in places where lane filtering or lane splitting is possible. That means most American cities are out at the moment. However, things could change in the future. It will be interesting to see what happens. The service is just currently in a testing phase in Paris.