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Oxley Highway speed camera blitz

Tex and Bundy on the Save the Oxley ride - Motorcycle Friendly Town (Photo: Keoghs Vision Photography) reprieve - blitz battle
Tex and Bundy on the Save the Oxley ride (Photo: Keoghs Vision Photography)

Riders on the Oxley Highway face a blitz of police patrols and speed cameras in the wake of two recent motorcycle crashes – one fatal.

This blitz comes as a speed zone review of the highway continues with no timeline for a final decision.

The speed zone review has been delayed because local Member for Oxley Melinda Pavey has become the new NSW Roads and Maritime Services Minister.

As the local member, she is concerned by the business and community reaction to the planned reduction in speeds on the highway by as much as 30km/h in some areas.Oxley highway blitz

The RMS says the speed zone changes between Long Flat and Walcha were due to a high number of crashes. From November 9, 2011, to November 8, 2016, there were five fatal motorcycle crashes.

After significant community feedback from the motorcycling and local business community, the RMS promised another review with findings originally scheduled before Christmas.

The secondary review will now be released after the Centre for Road Safety has completed its analysis, an RMS spokesman says. No timeline has been given.

Speed blitz

Referring to last weekend’s fatal motorcycle crash, the new Minister says any loss of life is a tragedy as she hints at a coming speed blitz on the highway.

“Our thoughts are with the families and loved ones of the man who lost his life at the weekend,” she says.

However, she points out that a “recent analysis of accident data” shows that motorists are still speeding.

“We need to get the balance right between enforcement and behavioural change, but if they continue to speed we will have no option but to increase the level of enforcement, including speed cameras,” she says.

“Some motorcyclists have been caught speeding at more than 160km/h since the review began, which is incredibly dangerous and reckless. We cannot allow this to continue, not when people’s lives are at stake. 

“We will continue to work with the NSW Police and NSW Centre for Road Safety to improve the safety of this road and reduce the risk of further tragedies like these.”

Meanwhile, the “Save the Oxley” petition, organised by local Ken Healey, has attracted more than 7000 signatures.


  1. There is a huge fundamental flaw with the logic behind reduced speed limits and speeding fines. The flaw is they only affect the people who don’t speed!
    160kph is well above the lose your license point so how much good will a lower speed limit do? Zero zilch nada nicto nine none! This is like flogging a dead horse because it bolted through the open gate and got run over.
    Almost every night and especially when it rains a gang of hoons use my local streets as a race circuit and try to drift around a large roundabout and usually fail taking out the street signs, do the police do anything about this? Setup speed traps do patrols anything? Not in the twenty years I have lived here even after constantly complaining and even calling the hoon hotline etc. why because there’s no revenue to be had. The most honest response I got from the police was ” if we setup a blitz they’ll quickly find out and just go to another area till it’s over and they’ll be back again” . My point is the idiots will still be idiots regardless of what the speed limits are so why do we have to suffer? Revenue is the only reason it’s got nothing to do with making the roads safer!

  2. Thank god I moved to Tassie 12 years ago.
    At least the boys in blue down here have a personality and give you a lot more leeway when your enjoying yourself.

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