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Oil leaks prompt BMW S 1000 RR recall

BMW S 1000 RR slims down oil leaks
S 1000 RR

Oil leaks from cracks in the rubber hose of the BMW S 1000 RR’s oil cooler have prompted an Australian recall on the 2019 model.

The official notice from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission says the oil leak may spray on to the rear wheel of the motorcycle “increasing the risk of an accident or serious injury to the rider and other road users”.

Owners should contact an authorised BMW Motorrad dealer, or call the BMW Group Australia Customer Interaction Centre on freecall 1800 813 299 to arrange for inspection and replacement of the oil cooler, where required.

The recall on oil leaks affects 77 bikes. The full list of Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) is included at the end of this article.

BMW Motorrad Australia has only made one other recall this year for the Indian-made G 310 motorcycles and new C 400 scooters last month over a problem with rusty brakes.

Consumers can also contact BMW Australia via the BMW Motorrad Australia Website.

Even though manufacturers and importers contact owners when a recall is issued, the bike may have been sold privately to a rider unknown to the company.

Therefore, Motorbike Writer publishes all motorcycle recalls as a service to all riders.

In Australia, recall notices are issued by the manufacturer and the Department of Infrastructure through a voluntary industry code under the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

While any recall is not good news for the manufacturer, it shows that they are largely diligent in fixing problems.

Despite hundreds of recalls by various automotive manufacturers, only the Takata airbag recall has ever been mandatory.  All others have been issued by the manufacturer.

If you believe there is an endemic problem with your bike that should be recalled, contact the ACCC on 1300 302 502.

To check whether your motorcycle has been recalled, click on these sites:

• Australia


• UK

• New Zealand

• Canada

VINs of vehicles affected by oil leaksBMW S 1000 RR less flab oil leaks

Chassis VIN
ZG32254 WB10E2106LZG32254
ZG32334 WB10E2104LZG32334
ZG32339 WB10E2103LZG32339
ZG32333 WB10E2102LZG32333
ZG32335 WB10E2106LZG32335
ZG32331 WB10E2109LZG32331
ZG32590 WB10E2100LZG32590
ZJ91984 WB10E210XLZJ91984
ZG32347 WB10E2102LZG32347
ZG32546 WB10E2108LZG32546
ZG32555 WB10E2109LZG32555
ZG32559 WB10E2106LZG32559
ZG32574 WB10E2102LZG32574
ZG32570 WB10E2105LZG32570
ZG32575 WB10E2104LZG32575
ZG32578 WB10E210XLZG32578
ZJ91654 WB10E2100LZJ91654
ZJ91653 WB10E2109LZJ91653
ZJ91872 WB10E210XLZJ91872
ZJ91939 WB10E2105LZJ91939
ZG32307 WB10E2101LZG32307
ZG32384 WB10E2108LZG32384
ZG32556 WB10E2100LZG32556
ZG32551 WB10E2101LZG32551
ZG32548 WB10E2101LZG32548
ZG32552 WB10E2103LZG32552
ZG32554 WB10E2107LZG32554
ZG32549 WB10E2103LZG32549
ZG32547 WB10E210XLZG32547
ZG32550 WB10E210XLZG32550
ZG32582 WB10E2101LZG32582
ZG32558 WB10E2104LZG32558
ZG32579 WB10E2101LZG32579
ZG32580 WB10E2108LZG32580
ZG32572 WB10E2109LZG32572
ZG32576 WB10E2106LZG32576
ZG32562 WB10E2106LZG32562
ZG32569 WB10E2109LZG32569
ZG32564 WB10E210XLZG32564
ZG32589 WB10E2104LZG32589
ZJ91873 WB10E2101LZJ91873
ZG32314 WB10E2109LZG32314
ZG32313 WB10E2107LZG32313
ZG32338 WB10E2101LZG32338
ZG32341 WB10E2101LZG32341
ZG32340 WB10E210XLZG32340
ZG32364 WB10E2102LZG32364
ZJ91657 WB10E2106LZJ91657
ZJ91656 WB10E2104LZJ91656
ZJ91981 WB10E2104LZJ91981
ZJ91982 WB10E2106LZJ91982
ZJ91983 WB10E2108LZJ91983
ZG32315 WB10E2100LZG32315
ZG32342 WB10E2103LZG32342
ZG32336 WB10E2108LZG32336
ZG32337 WB10E210XLZG32337
ZG32330 WB10E2107LZG32330
ZG32332 WB10E2100LZG32332
ZG32573 WB10E2100LZG32573
ZG32561 WB10E2104LZG32561
ZG32565 WB10E2101LZG32565
ZG32568 WB10E2107LZG32568
ZG32577 WB10E2108LZG32577
ZG32566 WB10E2103LZG32566
ZG32560 WB10E2102LZG32560
ZG32563 WB10E2108LZG32563
ZG32567 WB10E2105LZG32567
ZG32571 WB10E2107LZG32571
ZG32581 WB10E210XLZG32581
ZG32257 WB10E2101LZG32257
ZG32553 WB10E2105LZG32553
ZG32557 WB10E2102LZG32557
ZG32583 WB10E2103LZG32583
ZJ91655 WB10E2102LZJ91655
ZJ91766 WB10E2100LZJ91766
ZJ91767 WB10E2102LZJ91767
ZJ91765 WB10E2109LZJ91765